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Stars Nursery - Miss Rickaby

Welcome to Stars Nursery

Summer Term 2016


We are pleased to be starting the summer term in our new building and are eagerly awaiting the children's feedback on their new nursery.  This term our topic is Growth.  We will all be nature detectives and will be working with WildGround from Durham Wildlife Trust on projects in Oliver Henderson Park.  


Watch this space to find out what we have been doing!

Nursery Graduation


See some of our Graduation photographs by clicking on the link below.

Working With WildGround in Oliver Henderson Park

The nursery children were invited to work with WildGround from Durham Wildlife Trust in the park on Friday morning.  The previous day WildGround trainees rotivated two areas in the park to prepare the ground for sowing a wildflower meadow.  Our children helped them to sow the seed.  


Jayne Calvert, Countryside Officer from Gateshead Council and Becky Stanley from WildGround explained what they wanted the children to do and one of the trainees talked about bees and showed the children how to do a bee waggle dance!


The children had lots of fun sowing the wildflower seed while doing the bee waggle dance.  We can't wait to see the flowers grow!


Take a look at our photos.












Spring Term 2016


This term our topic is 'People Who Help Us'.  We will be learning about doctors, nurses, dentists, vets, police officers, fire fighters, postmen etc.  We hope to have visits from some of these people.  If anyone in your family is one of the above and would be willing to come into nursery to talk to the children about their job please speak to a member of staff. 

The End of an Era

We ended the spring term with a party to mark the end of an era.  We move into our new premises during the Easter break and our old school, which opened in 1959, will be demolished during the summer break.
Lots of our children, parents and grandparents will have fond recollections of our old school but we are looking forward to creating more memories in our new building.  Tours of the new school are being arranged in the summer term.
Please scroll down to look at our party photos.
Morning Session




  Afternoon Session​







Visit From a Radiographer


The morning children had a visit from Jacob's mam, Nicola, who is a radiographer at the hospital.  She explained how she takes special photos of the insides of people's bodies to help the doctors find out what is wrong with them if they are poorly or if they have broken a bone.
The children were keen to tell Nicola about their experiences and ailments when they discovered what her job was and we had a surprising number of children with sore fingers!
Nicola showed the children some x-ray images of everyday items before showing them images of bones.  The children identified all of the everyday items easily and were very good at identifying the bones.
Take a look at our photos below.




World Book Day


The children and staff dressed up as story book characters on World Book Day.  They enjoyed looking at books, using character puppets and listening to different stories.  The children love to join in with repeated refrains in stories and especially enjoyed listening to 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. 
Take a look at our photos below.  (More to follow)






Visit from Reverend Raine


Reverend Raine from St. Andrew's Church paid one of his regular visits to our nursery.  The children enjoy talking to him and getting him to join in with their activities whenever he visits.  At the end of the session the children chose a story book for Reverend Raine to read to them.




Visit From a Firefighter​​


The afternoon children had a visit from a firefighter who is a former pupil.  Steve  Graham, Station manager from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, put on his uniform and explained to the children how it protected him from fire. 


Steve also showed the children some of his equipment before letting them try on his uniform.

Take a look at the photos below.





Construction Work


The children have been working very hard in the construction area.  They have been drawing plans for the models they want to build before using the  construction materials.  They have also been writing labels for their work before displaying them for everyone to see.


They have built some fabulous models including palaces, aeroplanes, robots, towers and fire engines.  Take a look at the photos below.



Model plan

Working from the plan

Displayed models with labels

Builders at work

Visit From the Veterinary Nurse


Susan, a veterinary nurse from the PDSA, came to visit us.  She told the children about her work with the animals and showed them some photos and x-rays.  Susan also brought a theatre gown, cap and mask in for the children to try on.  She then let the children use her stethoscope to listen to her heart beat.


Susan told us that the most unusual animal they had treated in the clinic was a flamingo!


Take a look at our photos below.








 Autumn Term 2015


Our topic for the Autumn term is Ourselves and Celebrations.  If you have any family/celebration photos you can loan us we will display them on our 'Learning Wall'.  Please speak to a member of staff for further details.


We have an exciting year ahead and should be moving in to our new building in Spring 2016.




Christmas Party!


We had a fabulous time at our Christmas party :) We danced to Christmas songs, played Stand on a Beanbag, Musical Statues, Musical Bumps and Santa's in his Den! We worked up an appetite and enjoyed having some party food with all our friends in Rainbows nursery.


We also had a wonderful surprise guest... Santa arrived in our nursery! We had our photograph taken with him and he gave us a present, what a fantastic time :)


Visit to St. Andrew's Church


On our way back to nursery from our shopping trip to Fewster Square we were invited to visit St. Andrew's Church.  Reverend Raine met us and showed us the huge Christmas tree that had just been put up.  The children sang one of our special nursery nativity songs, 'Baby Jesus', for Reverend Raine whilst standing in front of the tree.


Shopping for Reindeer Food


We went shopping to Fewster Square for reindeer food.  We bought special food from Nobles to sprinkle in our gardens on Christmas Eve and carrots from Bamlings.


In Nobles Alan, the shopkeeper, showed us where his special reindeer food was and then let one of the children help him to ring the price of the food into the cash register. 


Take a look at the photos below.





Nursery Rhyme Nativity


Nursery performed their nativity play for their families and friends. The 'Nursery Rhyme Nativity' was written exclusively for Lingey House by the nursery staff. The children worked very hard rehearsing the re-enactment of the nativity story. This helped them to understand why we celebrate Christmas.


They learnt lots of new songs and a new dance routine and all of their hard work was worth it because on the day they were wonderful. They even sang in French and used Makaton sign language. We are so proud of them. We have very talented children in our nursery!


Please take a look at our photos below.











Andrew The Magician


The children and their parents enjoyed a special Christmas magic show today.  It was a prize awarded to Stars Nursery for making the most profit on Enterprise Day.


The children assisted Andrew with his magic and made different things appear.  The biggest surprise appearance was a beautiful rabbit called Sooty. 


Andrew also involved the adults in the fun and everyone had a great time.


Please look at our photos below.









*Enterprise Day*

We have been busy enterprising in Stars Nursery!


The whole school have been preparing for Enterprise Day, making items to sell on our class stall. We have been making candle holders, by recycling baby food jars and decorating them with coloured tissue paper, gems, sequins and glitter! They all looked beautiful and we displayed them proudly on our stall.

We also had some wonderful contributions from our parents, with toys, sweets and decorations to sell too.


Thankyou SO MUCH to all our parents for their donations and support! We are proud to say that with all your help...we won! We have been granted a lovely prize for winning, a Magician is going to perform a Christmas show just for us! We can't wait, we hope you'll join us too! :) 



Stars Nursery Stall




We enjoyed having a Halloween party at the end of half term. We all dressed up in our best spooky costumes to play some games, mix potions and have a disco. We all looked fantastic as vampires, witches, skeletons and spooky characters!



Mixing Witches stew - wriggly worms, mice teeth, giants eyeballs and frogspawn!






Designing and decorating pumpkins...




Halloween disco and snack


Stay and Play


We were very happy to have local artist, Kath Bedingfield with us for this half term's Stay and Play session.  Kath worked outdoors with the children and adults, exploring the bug box and creating bug pictures using natural materials.  The adults also followed the children's interests indoors.


Thank you to all the adults who joined us for the session.  We look forward to your company at our next Stay and Play.  Take a look at our photos below.


Working with Kath Bedingfield






Indoor play





Outdoor Learning & Arts Week ~ October


This year we combined our Outdoor Learning Week with Arts Week.  Our Arts Week is a project where we focus our work on a painting chosen by the National Gallery.  This year the painting was Mr. and Mrs. Andrews by Thomas Gainsborough.  It is a portrait of a couple sitting in the grounds of their country estate. 


The children worked with their parents to compare the landscape in the painting with Oliver Henderson Park.  They went to the park and the parents wrote down the children's observations.  The children also took part in a number spotting trail in the park. 


We had lots of fun in the park and the adults were invited back to nursery for refreshments.  After the refreshments they painted the bird boxes that were made in the summer term with Durham Wildlife Trust.  Some parents also sketched ideas for a bench to be sited in the park.  Please take a look at our photos below.


Comparing the painting with Oliver Henderson Park







Number spotter trail





Painting the bird boxes



Our Pets Graph


We have been working hard in nursery making a graph of the pets we have at home.  The children selected images from a powerpoint to represent their pets and then followed instructions to print them.  (For those children that don't have pets there was an image to indicate this.) They then cut out the images before sticking them onto a graph. 



The children demonstrated their mouse control and cutting skills during this activity. The graph is now hanging up in the maths area where they can see which is the most/less popular pet and count how many of each pet we have.



This term we are learning about different celebrations around the world.  This week we celebrated Eid. 


We listened to a story about Eid called 'Sweet Dates to Eat' and then tasted dates.  As Eid is celebrated with sweet food and is sometimes known as the 'Sweet Holiday', the children were given sweets to take home.


We also learnt that Muslims celebrating Eid have mehndi patterns painted on their hands with henna.  One of our parents came into nursery and painted beautiful mehndi patterns on our hands.  The children were very careful not to smudge the designs before they dried.


Please take a look at our photos below.








Open Ended Play Outdoors


The children have had lots of fun playing outdoors.  They have been exploring and experimenting with a variety of resources outdoors.  They have had access to crates, tyres, pipes, tubing, wooden planks and tree slices and have been very imaginative.  They have made lots of wonderful things to create their own role play opportunities such as buses, fire engines rockets etc.  The children have also used the materials to make stepping stones and balance beams.


Please take a look at the photos below.


Using the crates and balance beams






More outdoor fun









Secret Reader


The children enjoyed listening to Aidan's dad read a story when he was our first 'Secret Reader' of the term.  They enjoyed his sound effects and joining in with the wolf howls!


If anyone wishes to be one of our Secret Readers please add your name to the list in the cloakroom.  This usually takes place on a Friday but can be changed for anyone who is unable to make that day.