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Stars Nursery - Miss Rickaby

Welcome to Stars Nursery 


Spring Term


This term our topic is People Who Help Us. We will be having lots of visitors who will tell us all about their jobs helping people.

Role Play Hairdressing Salon


The children have had lots of fun playing in our hairdressing salon.  We had visits from two nursery mothers to show the children how to use the equipment and accessories.  The children enjoyed having their hair brushed, curled and styled.  Ryan's mam then had her hair styled by the children!


Thank you to Ella-Rae's mam and Ryan's mam.


Mrs. Ritchie, our Head Teacher and Mrs. Jackson, our Deputy, visited the salon in their breaks to have their hair styled!


Take a look at our photos below.













Tree Planting With The Woodland Trust


We were lucky enough to receive a pack of hedgerow saplings and one of copse tree saplings free from the Woodland Trust.  These are the first trees that will be planted in our Forest School Area when we have access.


The nursery children were helped by Janet Orrock, Project Officer, and Caron Henderson, Learning Officer, from the Woodland Trust.  The children had great fun visiting our Forest School site and potting the saplings.  Take a look at our photos below.







World Book Day


Children and staff dressed up to celebrate World Book Day.  Staff read bear stories to the children and they then re-enacted 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.  They performed the actions and chanted the repeated refrains of the story. 


We had a wonderful day!











Pancake Day!

We really enjoyed learning about Shrove Tuesday and the tradition of making pancakes. We helped pour and mix ingredients, and watched Mrs Crowe flip and catch them! We then tried different toppings on our pancakes - chocolate spread, syrup and lemon & sugar, delicious! 

Nursery Visitors


We have had some very important visitors who have come into nursery to tell us all about their jobs.  Scroll down to see the people who help us.

Veterinary Nurse

Susan Edgar, one of our school parents, works at the PDSA animal hospital in Felling.  Susan told us how she helps the vet look after the sick animals.


Susan from the PDSA. 1   Susan from the PDSA. 2  Susan from the PDSA. 3  Susan from the PDSA. 4
    Paediatric Nurse

Helen Ramm, a former pupil and one of our mothers, is a paediatric nurse at the RVI hospital in Newcastle.  Helen talked to us about how she looks after babies and children who are unwell and have to stay in hospital.


Helen Ramm, Nurse at the RVI. 1  Helen Ramm, Nurse at the RVI. 2  Helen Ramm, Nurse at the RVI. 3



Cheryl Martin, a former pupil, is a midwife at the QE Hospital in Gateshead.  Cheryl talked to us about how she looks after pregnant women during their pregnancy and labour and babies until they are 11 days old.


Midwife Cheryl Martin from th QE Hospital. 1  Midwife Cheryl Martin from th QE Hospital. 2  Midwife Cheryl Martin from th QE Hospital. 4


Dr Lynne Trainor who is a GP at a surgery in Chester-Le-Street and also one of our parents talked to us about how she examines and diagnoses the patients who visit her surgery.


Dr Lynne Trainor, GP. 3  Dr Lynne Trainor, GP. 4  Dr Lynne Trainor, GP. 6


Dr Lynne Trainor, GP. 7  Dr Lynne Trainor, GP. 8


Dr Lynne Trainor, GP. 9  Dr Lynne Trainor, GP. 11

Road Safety Officer

Sara who is a road safety officer and works for Gateshead council talked to us about crossing the road safely and keeping safe whilst near the road.   

   Picture 42  Picture 45


Picture 46  Picture 47  Picture 48

Meet Buzz and Woody 

We were very excited when we came back to Nursery to find that Santa had left us two guinea pigs to care for, called Buzz and Woody, for doing such a good job for Enterprise Day. We are enjoying looking after them by feeding them, holding them and cleaning their cage. 

       Woody                                Buzz

Autumn Term 

This term our topic is Ourselves and Celebrations.

Andrew the Magician 

The children were very lucky to have Andrew the Magician come to our Christmas party. The children sat beautifully for the whole hour and loved the show. Evie and Lola helped Andrew to perform one of his tricks. 


Our Visit from Santa

We had a surprise visit from Santa and he gave each of us a present! 

Our Christmas Nativity

The children in Nursery invited their family and friends to come and see our Nursery Rhyme Nativity. The children worked very hard to learn all of the words and Makaton signs to the songs. They also sang in French! They all sang and performed the nativity story. We are so proud of all of our little stars.

We hope you enjoy the photos. 



This term we are learning about different celebrations around the world. This week we celebrated the Hindu festival of Diwali in nursery.  We decorated the nursery with fairy lights and Mrs. Jackson, our Deputy Head Teacher, came into nursery to read the children a story about Diwali called 'Lighting a Lamp'.  The story explains how Hindus celebrate this festival of lights.  We learnt that they decorate their houses with lamps, draw rangoli patterns on the floor and give gifts.  They also have firework displays the same as we have on bonfire night.
At snack time the children tasted Indian snacks including onion bhajis, pakora, samosas, naan bread and poppadoms.  They were also given gifts of sweets to take home.




Our New Outdoor Climbing Equipment

The children enjoyed playing on the new outdoor play equipment.

Happy Halloween!

The Children enjoyed coming to Nursery in Halloween fancy dress. We made witches stew and used Oreo's to make spiders.

Outdoor Learning Week

  Nature Walk


For outdoor learning week our children and parents went for a Nature Walk in Oliver Henderson Park. Before starting a nature hunt we gathered at our newly installed Triumphal Arch. Lingey House Friends of Oliver Henderson Park were awarded funding from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme to pay for the arch and seating, which was created by sculpture Graeme Hopper. Our older pupils visited Graeme at his forge and helped to design the arch and seating. 

For our nature hunt we needed to collect various natural objects from the park. We asked children and parents to find something red, green, brown, spiky, hard and soft. The rain stopped, the sun came out and everyone had lots of fun! 


Thank you for the fabulous response from parents. Every child had an adult accompanying them. Please take a look at our photos below.