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Stars Nursery – Miss Parker 2013-2014

Welcome to Stars Nursery

Our Teachers

Nursery Graduation 2014


The stage is set for the nursery graduation of  2014.


Wednesday, 9th July.


Morning Graduation Ceremony ~ 10am

Afternoon Graduation Ceremony ~ 2pm



We are looking forward to seeing all of the families and friends of our nursery children.


Sports Day 2014



All of the nursery children thoroughly enjoyed sports day and what a fantastic day it was! Each child competed in a track and a field event and the staff and parents also had the opportunity to run a 25 metre sprint! Well done to all children and parents/carers for your participation and support in making this a sports day to remember!




Please scroll down to take a look at the photographs.

Summer Term


This term our topic is Growth.  We are all going to be nature detectives and will be doing lots of exciting things.  Scroll down to check out what we have been up to.


Measuring our Beanstalk


Our beanstalk has grown very tall.  It is almost touching the ceiling.  Mr. Mullen helped us to measure it and we were surprised to see that it is almost 2 metres high!



Mr. Mullen measuring our beanstalk



                                     Our beanstalk needs lots of water!



Stick Insects


We have lots of baby Indian stick insects in nursery.  We collected eggs that the females laid at the beginning of the year and they have been hatching during the past few weeks.  If anyone would like any please see a member of staff.  Take a look at our photos below.



                 Eggs                              Babies                           An adult

                                                                                      Can you find it?


We also have a pair of Australian stick insects (Macleays).  We are hoping that the female will lay eggs soon.


This Macleay stick insect looks like an alien!



Jack and the Beanstalk


We listened to the story, Jack and the Beanstalk, and then planted our own beans.  Mr. Mullen, our site manager, helped us to do this and we have put them in our nursery library area where they will get plenty of sunshine.  We are looking forward to measuring them.


Mr. Mullen showing the children one of the beans



Mr. Mullen helping the children to plant the beans

Fairytale Castle


We have transformed part of our role play area in to a fairytale castle.  The children helped to make a giant to stand next to the castle and have been having lots of fun playing there.


Writing with the giant's pencil



                    Princesses                             Our giant guarding the castle      


The King sitting on the throne

Spring Term

Please scroll down the page to see some of the things that we have been doing in nursery this term.


Easter Performance


The children all made bonnets to wear for the Easter performances.  They learnt a number of Easter songs with actions and a French song about a donkey.  They all sang beautifully for their parents and carers.  Well done!  We are all very proud of you!


Congratulations to the winners of the Egg Decorating competition.






Bird Watching


After making fat balls and pine cone feeders during Science Week, we set up a bird watching station in the nursery.  The children thoroughly enjoyed sitting quietly and patiently, waiting for the birds to come and feed.  We had lots of magpies and starlings visit our feeders and we managed to take some photos of them.


Our bird watching station

Using the binoculars to look for birds


The fat balls on the willow den and Sally the scarecrow


Birds on the feeders


Mother's Day


The children made cards and button and bead bracelets for their mams for Mother's Day.  Mams, dads and carers attended a special Mother's Day presentation where the children sang and then gave their mothers their special gifts and cards.


Take a look at the photos below.









Sports Relief Fun Run!


To raise money for Sports Relief this year, all of the children at Lingey House Primary School enjoyed a fun run around Oliver Henderson Park. The nursery children were very excited as they were greeted by their parents/carers who also participated in the fun run! It was a lovely day had by all and most importantly the sun was out! A very big well done and thank you to all the children and their parents/carers who joined us!


Please scroll down to have a look at the fun run photographs!

Visit From The Police Community Support Officers


We had a visit from the police community support officers this week.  They explained their role to the children and let them try on some of their uniform.  The children were very excited when they were given the opportunity to sit in the police car.


Take a look at the photos below.










Secret Reader


To coincide with World Book Day we introduced Secret Reader in nursery this week.  Thank you to Alfie's mam, Jessica's mam and grandma and Harry's mam for being our first volunteers.  They were all wonderful and the children thoroughly enjoyed listening to the stories they read. 




World Book Day


To celebrate World Book Day we all came to nursery dressed as characters from Peter Pan.  The children wore fabulous outfits.  We had lots of Tinkerbells, Captain Hooks, Lost Boys, and Peter Pans.  All of the staff dressed up as a different Peter Pan character too!

The children's parents/carers joined us to read stories in the nursery.


Take a look at our photos.


























Shrove Tuesday


Today our teachers cooked us pancakes.  We put golden syrup and lemon juice on them and they were delicious.


Miss Parker catching the tossed pancake


Enjoying the yummy pancakes!




Valentine's Day


Our children have been very busy this week making a Valentine gift for the special people in their lives. 


They followed instructions and concentrated really well to sew red felt hearts with red ribbon.  The end results were amazing and well worth all of the effort the children put into them. 


Their parents/grandparents/carers loved them.  They are a wonderful keepsake which, in years to come, will bring back memories of Lingey House nursery.


Well done children.  We are so proud of you.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


The children hard at word sewing the hearts








The children with their parents/grandparents/carers













Visit From The Road Safety Officers


This week we had a visit from the road safety officers. They taught the children the Green Cross code - STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK before you cross the road. They also reminded them that they should always hold an adult's hand when crossing any roads.


The children then practised crossing safely on the role play road.


Take a look at the photos.



Stop, Look, Listen and Think before you cross the road.


Practising safe crossing on the role play road











Chinese New Year 2014


This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year.  We have had lots of fun activities to do.


We transformed our home corner into a Chinese restaurant.  The children had great fun writing down customers' orders, cooking, serving and practising eating with chopsticks.  We also had special visitors to our restaurant.  Mrs. Jones brought some of our school governors to see us so they took the opportunity to join in some role play.


We made Chinese coolie hats and lanterns.  We made yellow lanterns as Chinese people believe they bring good luck in school/work.  We made a festival dragon and we also learned how to say Happy New Year in Chinese - Gung Hei Fat Choi.


To finish our week of celebrations we had a banquet where we were able to try Chinese snacks and sauces.


Take a look at all of our photos.


Serving Mrs. Jones, our Head Teacher, in our Chinese Restaurant


Mrs. Henderson, our Chair of Governors


Serving Mr. Hook



             Taking customers' orders                    Practising using chopsticks



               Cooking in the kitchen                       Practising using chopsticks


Our Festival Dragon


Gung Hei Fat Choy

Our Chinese Banquet










Visit From a Nurse


This week to coincide with our topic, 'People Who Help Us', we had a visit from an ex pupil, Cheryl Martin.  Cheryl is a staff nurse and is training to be a midwife.  So far she has delivered 28 babies!  Cheryl talked to the children about her role as a nurse and a midwife.  She then showed them how to apply bandages correctly in our medical centre. 


Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule Cheryl.


Staff Nurse Cheryl talking to the children



Demonstrating how to apply bandages







Funny Feet Friday


Today we were promoting our wonderful, recently launched, new school website so we asked the children to wear funny feet in nursery.  The children all rose to the challenge and we had a range of funny feet, including character slippers, odd socks, decorated shoes and wellies.  The staff also joined in the fun. Take a look at our photos. 


Miss Parker's group of children


Mrs Gray's group of children


The morning session winners


The afternoon children


The afternoon session winners


Staff funny feet


Well done to everyone!


Remember to look on every page on the website for the funny feet logo.  Count how many you can find.




People Who Help Us


Our topic this half term is 'People Who Help Us'.  We have set up part of our role play area as a Medical Centre.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed pretending to be doctors and patients this week.


Stars Medical Centre



Staff and Patients in the Medical Centre







Outdoor Play


 The weather outside may be cold, damp and miserable but it does not curb our children's enjoyment and enthusiasm for playing and experimenting.




         Checking the temperature on our weather station                               Building a bridge




            Experimenting at the water cascade                   Checking which items are sinking/floating



            Playing in the small sand/water tray                          Playing at the large road/rail track



Autumn Term


Please scroll down the page to see some of the things that we have been doing in nursery this term.



Everyone had lots of fun at our Christmas party.  We had a disco, played games  and then we had a special visitor ~ Santa!



Dancing at the disco



Playing the beanbag game                      Having fun with balloons



Having our party food



Santa comes with gifts!


Nursery Rhyme Nativity Play


Nursery performed their nativity play for their families this week.  The 'Nursery Rhyme Nativity' was written exclusively for Lingey House by the nursery staff.  The children worked very hard rehearsing the re-enactment of the nativity story.  They learnt lots of new songs and a new dance routine.   All their hard work was evident on the day as they performed beautifully.  They even sang in French and used Makaton sign language.  We are so, so proud of them.  We have very talented children! 


Scroll down the page to see photos of the play.


Here are just a few of the comments made by the children's families:

"The nativity has made our Christmas!  It was fantastic." Joy Bottomley (Evan's Grandma)

"Loved the play.  Kids were all great."  Vicki (Liam's mam)

"Play was great.  Children and staff were fab. Enjoyed."  Ann (Macie's Gran)

Play was really fantastic.  Well done to all the children and staff."  (Lucy's Nana)


Morning Children


          Nativity Cast


Party People






Afternoon Children   








Santa's Woodland Grotto




The children have enjoyed role play in Santa's Woodland Grotto this week.  They have been dressing up as Santa, Mrs. Claus and elves.  Santa even left his boots for them to wear!






Shopping for Reindeer Food



Today Stars and Rainbow nurseries went to buy reindeer food to leave out for Rudolph and his friends on Christmas Eve.   We went to Nobles in Fewster Square to buy the special food for flying reindeer.  The shop owner, Mr. Lowes, gave one of the girls a job behind the counter and let her take pay for the food.


We also bought seed for the ducks and geese on the pond in Oliver Henderson Park and fed them on our way back to nursery. 



                    Choosing the special reindeer food                                                The new shopkeeper



                                                                 Feeding the ducks and geese in the park


Nursery Rhyme Nativity


Rehearsals for our nursery nativity play on 12th December, are well under way.  Tickets will be on sale the week beginning 2nd December.

Children in Need 2013


The children came to nursery in non-uniform in aid of Children in Need! Some children had their faces painted as Pudsey and even had Pudsey painted on their nails! The children enjoyed designing their own Pudsey eye patch and some children decided to explore the cut and stick area, developing their cutting skills as they created a Pudsey mask!


Thank you to the children, parents/carers for their generous donation towards Children in Need.



Today we made a guy in nursery for bonfire night.  We stuffed some old clothes with newspapers and made a head out of hessian.  We stuck on buttons for its eyes, a pom pom for its nose and a pipe cleaner for its mouth.  We used an old wig for its hair.


We then took it to Oliver Henderson Park when the council workers were constructing the fire.  They thought our guy was fabulous and put it on the top of the bonfire.




Making the guy.





What a handsome guy!




The children taking the guy to put on the bonfire.




The guy on top of the bonfire.                                            The fire alight.




The wonderful firework display.






We had lots of fun at our Halloween party in nursery.  We all wore fancy dress; even our teachers!  Take a look at our photographs.



We made witches' stew.  We had to feel in the ingredients box to find a giant's eyeball, toad eyes, worms, mice teeth, frogspawn and bat ears!




We played pin the tail on the cat and then we had spooky snacks.




We had fun dancing and playing with balloons.



14th - 18th OCTOBER, 2013


During outdoor learning week we did lots of different activities. 

On Monday we had a nature walk in Oliver Henderson Park, where we fed the ducks and collected natural materials for art work. 

On Tuesday we had a hunt in our school grounds for items on our picture chart.  

On both of these days the children's parents and carers joined in the activities and then had tea/coffee and scones in the EYFS hall.  After their refreshments they used the natural materials to create a collage for each nursery. 

On Wednesday the children created their own natural art pictures.

On Friday we had camping day in the nursery grounds, where we had hot chocolate and biscuits in the big bell tent.




Feeding the ducks on the pond.          They were very hungry!           Our hunt in the school grounds.




The children's parents and carers demonstrate how creative they are.




           A Lingey duck.                                       Hot chocolate in the bell tent.


Not only have we got talented children in Lingey House nurseries, we have talented parents and carers!  Thank you to all who took part in outdoor learning week.  It was a huge success.  Please call into the nurseries to have a look at the fabulous collages.