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Stars Nursery

The First Snowfall of 2019!


We had fantastic fun playing in the snow! All of the children chose to play outside in the snow. Once we put on our wellington boots and our wrapped up warm we all rushed outdoors to explore!








Blow Painting

This week we have experimented with blow painting. We used a pipette to drop paint onto the paper. We then turned into the Big Bad Wolf and we Huffed and Puffed through the straw and watched the paint move across the paper.

Traditional Tales

This half term our topic is Traditional Tales. We discussed with the children all of the Traditional Tale story books and they decided they would like to start with The Three Little Pigs.

Forest School

We enjoyed our second Forest School session this week. Papa Troll invited us to become Kings and Queens of the Forest. In order to become Kings and Queens  we had to decorate our own crown with natural materials found on the Forest floor.

Forest School

The children have been to our Forest School site today for our first session of the year.

We all has so much fun exploring!


We met Papa Troll who is the Guardian of the Forest. He taught us the Forest School rules to keep us safe.

Our Class Pets!


After a class discussion about pets the children asked if we could have a pet to look after in Nursery.............we decided on fish!


We now have three Goldfish and a Loach to look after.
We help to feed the fish and we also help to clean the tank.

Welcome to Stars Nursery

The children have settled back into Nursery after a long summer break. We have also welcomed some new children into our Nursery. They have enjoyed exploring both indoors and outdoors.