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Sports Premium

Physical Education funding is ultimately driven by a need to ‘provide outstanding physical education for all’ (Ofsted, ‘Beyond 2012’)

At Lingey House we have a desire to make PE accessible to all children and in doing so, engage more children in physical activity throughout the whole school day. The main priority was to ensure the correct systems are in place to deliver a consistently high standard of Physical Education and channel the funding appropriately.

When considering where to use the funding, there were five main focuses:


  1. Engagement of ALL Pupils in Regular Physical Activity
  2. Profile of PE and Sport Being Raised Across the School as a Tool for Whole School Improvement
  3. Increased Confidence, Knowledge and Skills of all Staff in Teaching PE and Sport
  4. Broader Experience of a Range of Sports and Activities Offered to All Pupils
  5. Increased Participation in Competitive Sport


By ensuring appropriate funds are spent in these five areas, we are able to ensure that all children are given access to the new resources.

Funding for 2019 - 2020

Allocation £19,390


We have signed up to Premium SLA with Gateshead School Sports Partnership (GSSP). This provides us with a block of coaching, entry to all festivals free of charge,2 free coaching blocks (Karate & Gymnastics), 2 days of specialist support from Nicola Noble and specialist knowledge from GSSP staff.


Over the academic year, each year group will have a minimum of two terms coaching group.

Year 1 – Gymnastics, Karate, Dance, Rugby

Year 2 – Tennis, Gymnastics, Golf & Dance

Year 3 – Tennis, Gymnastics & Golf

Year 4 – Swimming,Gymnastics & Golf

Year 5 – Swimming & Tennis 

Year 6 – Tennis, Golf, Dance & Rugby





In all of our sessions, teachers accompany the coach and they use this as CPD. Along with many of our staff running after-school clubs we also paid for tennis, rugby golf and dance coaching throughout the year.


In order to increase the amount of high-quality PE, we have employed coaches to coordinate lunchtime activities. On a Monday we had Hula Hooping, and on Thursday we had tennis. The sessions ran 12-12:30 for KS1 and 12:30 - 1:15 KS2. In addition, we have Rugby coaching for KS2 for 30 minutes in the Summer Term. Along with getting coaches we have worked with our lunch time supervisors to train them in a variety of games to provide a wide range of games to play every lunch time.


Impact of Funding


The funding has had a positive impact on sport within the school. It has allowed children from Years 1 through to Year 6 to receive specialist coaching in a range of different sports. This has given the children more confidence within sports and has contributed to higher levels of participation in after school clubs. This has also allowed staff to observe the coaching staff and therefore improve their practice when it comes to teaching these subjects in PE. The school have been able to carry on its aim of providing every year group, boy and girl, the opportunity to take part in an active after school club at least one night a week. The school has been providing a range of clubs including Multi-skills, Football, Netball, Hula Hoop, Dance, Ball Games, Forest School, Change 4 Life, Boot Camp and Golf. We currently 147 children taking part in the above mentioned clubs and one of our greatest achievements was when we targeted 20 children that were inactive and now 11 of those children now participate in our weekly Change4Life club. We offer children opportunities to participate in a variety of different sports that they have previously been coached in within school and against other schools. This has allowed our children to grow in confidence and even participate in that chosen sport out of school. As part of being a healthy school we had an afternoon with nutri-troops so that the children had a greater knowledge about the food that they should eat. To develop this we provided stickers and rewards for healthy pack lunches as well as offering tasting stations.


Swimming Data

33/50 (66%) Can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.

33/50 (66%) Use a range of strokes effectively.

18/50 (36%) Can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.