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School Council Governors Presentation


School Council Governors Presentation


On Tuesday 14th June, the Lingey House School Council gave a presentation to some very special guests.

Our governors were invited into the school so that the school council could share information about some of the wonderful things we do at Lingey House. The governors were also joined by our special guests: Robin Mackie and Judith Doyle.

First of all, the school council took our guests on a tour of the new building, telling them about the different areas, and some of the exciting things we do here. Following their tour, the school council then gave a presentation about things that they can do at Lingey House when in school, and information about some of the places we visit.

Afterwards, the governors were invited to have a look through some of the portfolios, giving the children the opportunity to share some of their work from class.

The governors and our guests thoroughly enjoyed their visit, and the children should be very proud of their efforts.