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Hello Reception!

Mrs Goulty-Brown, Mrs McCallum, Mrs Gray and Miss Ingram are missing your smiley faces and would love to see what you have been up to whilst you are at home. Your grown up can send pictures of things you have been doing or work you have done to

We can then post it on the website so you can see what your friends have been up to.

Summer Term

 Remember to keep practising your words and sounds from your phonics. Try practising your writing using your phonic sounds. Don't forget to ask your grown up to send us pictures of what you have been doing. 

Thursday 16th July

We can't believe that this academic year is over. Normally on the last day, we would have been having fun and having the chance to say goodbye to you all. We know it's not quite the same and we know it's not Friday but we do have a secret reader for you. Today it is.... Mrs Gray!

We hope you have a lovely summer holiday and stay safe. Thank you for being brilliant reception classes and we will see you in September.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Still image for this video

Wednesday 15th July

We have provided some lovely activities for you to try over the summer holidays. Your maths tasks involves addition problems using the animals legs. Enjoy your phonics and maths task!

Lesson 50 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 50. First released Friday 3rd July. A new Reception lesson is uploaded every week day at 10am and is suitable for children who can ble...

Here are some lovely activities to try over the summer.

Tuesday 14th July

Good morning everyone. Let's start the day with some yoga! The theme for yoga is 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. Your daily phonics and maths sessions are below. Your maths task involves using your counting skills to order the animals from the fewest number of legs to the greatest. Good luck! 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure for younger kids based on the lovely story by Michael Rosen, We're Going on a Bear Hunt. Join Jaime as we try to catch a big one...

Lesson 49 - Reception

Monday 13th July 

Good morning. We can't believe it's the last week of the summer term already. This weeks story is 'How Many Legs?' The first part of the maths task is to guess the rule by looking at the animals legs and feet. The second part is looking at complex patterns? Can you tell your adult what will be next? Can you make your own patterns? Good luck.

How Many Legs

Lesson 48 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 48. First released Wednesday 1st July. A new Reception lesson is uploaded every week day at 10am and is suitable for children who can ...

Friday 10th July

Good morning. We can't believe it's Friday again - which means it's secret reader day! Who will it be today?

The activities linked to this week's story are to follow the instructions to make a volcano, design your own planet and sort dinosaurs in different ways e.g. big/small, legs/wings etc.

There are also a fun maths idea for practising your number bonds and making a paper plane. Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Errington reading 'The Day the Crayons Quit'

Still image for this video

Lesson 47 - Reception

Thursday 9th July

It's Thursday already! We hope you have enjoyed the story this week. Today in maths, we will be looking at doubles and sharing. How many different ways can you share the children onto the two rockets? Can you find different ways to share the children onto the rockets? 

Lesson 46 - Reception

Wednesday 8th July 

Good morning, we hope you are well. Today in maths, you will be practising counting and adding one more. How many planets can you count? How many will there be if you add one more? Your phonics session is below. Good luck.

Lesson 45 - Reception

Tuesday 7th July

Good morning! Let's start the day by moving our bodies and join in with some yoga! To help you with your maths task, you need to make some dinosaur hand prints. Once they have dried, you will use them to make different patterns. I wonder if you can label your dinosaur with how many scales, eyes and spots they have. Can you give your dinosaur a name? Have fun with your phonics today. 


Cosmic Kids Yoga DANCE PARTY!

GET THOSE WRIGGLES OUT with a mix of our Yoga Disco tracks. Yoga-based movement set to upbeat music. Can you do the full 12 minutes? 0:00 Washing Machine Son...

Lesson 44 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 44.

Monday 6th July

Good morning everyone! This weeks story is 'The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet'. Your first task is to create a rocket (we have included some ideas below). Collect objects from around your house, such as kitchen roll tubes and cereal boxes. Use these to make your rocket. Can you practise counting back from 20 to 0 and make your rocket blast off? Don't forget to make a healthy packed lunch for Danny! I wonder what the Dinosaur would eat. Can you make a list of 20 foods that the Dinosaur would eat? Keep working hard with your phonics, you are all doing a brilliant job! Have a great day.

The Dinosaur that Pooped A Planet children's story read aloud by Books Read Aloud for Kids

The Dinosaur that Pooped A Planet by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter. Illustrated by Gary Parsons. Read Aloud by Books Read Aloud For Kids. Get the book Amaz...

Space rockets

Lesson 43 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 43. First released Wednesday 24th June. A new Reception lesson is uploaded every week day at 10am and is suitable for children who can...

Friday 3rd July

Good morning. It's Friday again so we have our secret reader. We have been twisting the arms of other teachers and today it is Miss Procter! We hope you enjoy the story. 

For Maths today you will be doing some doubling. Can you double the ingredients of the milkshake? Another fun task is to make a milkshake. All you need is fruit and some milk and blitz it up with a blender. Can you write a list of the ingredients you are going to use in your milkshake. Remember to sound out each word using your phonics.

Have a lovely weekend and please ask your grown-ups to send us some photos of what you have been up to. We haven't received many recently and feel unloved! crying Thank you. 


Still image for this video

Lesson 42 - Reception

Thursday 2nd July

Good morning everyone, we hope you are all safe and well. Below are your maths and phonics tasks. We would also like you to complete a few other activities. We are going to explore which objects float and which objects sink. Collect a variety of objects from your house or garden and ask an adult to fill a dish of water. Next place the objects into the dish and discover what floats or sinks. You could maybe even make some predictions! Another activity you could try is measuring how far a car can travel down a ramp. You could maybe use your hands or feet to measure how far the cars travel. Enjoy your day!  

Float or sink?

Can you measure how far the car travelled?

Lesson 41 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 41. First released Monday 22nd June. A new Reception lesson is uploaded every week day at 10am and is suitable for children who can bl...

Wednesday 1st July

I can't believe it's the middle of the week already. Your maths task involves you solving some problems. Oliver's Grandad has forgotten how many vegetables he planted, can you help Oliver solve the problems? (Please see the maths powerpoint). There are a few extra activities for you to try below. Can you design and write your own instructions for a seed packet? Can you make you own fruit or vegetable character? Have a lovely day!

Lesson 40 - Reception

Tuesday 30th June

Good morning! Let's start the day by exercising with Joe Wicks or taking part in some yoga. In phonics, you will be learning to read and write some longer words. Your maths task involves finding different ways to count the vegetables. Can you count in ones or twos? Do you need to count them or can you recognise any patterns of numbers? There are a few extra activities if you would like to try them below. 

Squish the Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

We join Jaime for a Cosmic Kids yoga adventure all about learning to have your own adventures. This kids yoga story is a great helper for kids who find it ha...

PE With Joe | Monday 29th June


Lesson 39 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 39.

Monday 29th June

We hope you have had a lovely weekend! This weeks story is Oliver's Vegetables and your task involves learning about healthy and unhealthy foods. Can you tell your adult which foods are healthy? Can you help your adult make a healthy snack or lunch? The maths task involves exploring complex patterns using circular and border patterns. Can you use natural resources to make some patterns? The powerpoint below will provide you with some ideas. Don't forget to send us some pictures of your work! Your daily phonics session is below. Enjoy your day! 

Lesson 38 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 38.

Friday 26th June

Hello. It's the end of yet another week and therefore it's time for Secret Reader! Who will it be this week? It's Miss Barnsley from rainbow nursery.

In maths you will be timing yourself. You can use an egg timer or your grown up's stopwatch on their phone. There is also a baking recipe that you might like to try. Have a good weekend!

The Smartest Giant in Town

Still image for this video

Lesson 37 - Reception

Thursday 25th June

Good morning. It's going to be another lovely day. For Literacy today, can you write some rules that they might have at dragon school? Can you remember doing our Chinese dragon dance around school? For maths you are going to think of different moves to make a dragon dance but there have to be 20 moves in total. Lots of adding for you to do!

As it's going to be a nice day why not play with bubbles. See if you can make some giant bubbles or you could try making a bubble snake. Put an old sock over a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off, dip into a bubble solution (washing up liquid and water) then BLOW!!! How long can you make your bubble snake?

Lesson 36 - Reception

Wednesday 24th June

Good morning. It's going to be a hot day today so make sure you have your sun cream and sun hat on. In maths today we are taking away using practical objects or pictures. You can use the dragon pictures or can use objects around your house. Can your grown up think of take-away calculations for you and can you think of some for them to do?

For literacy, can you write 3 sentences or captions with the tricky words 'the,' 'he,' and 'to?'

If you would like another activity to do then there is an idea for making your own fairy wings or even a superhero cape. We are using the idea in school to make butterflies too. 

Don't forget to ask you grown up to send us photos of what you are doing at home. Thank you.

Lesson 35 - Reception

Tuesday 23rd June

Hello everyone. Today for maths we are adding using tens frames. You might also like to practise adding number bonds to 10. can you remember the numbers that add up to 10?

Don't forget that you can register on the oxford owl website for free and read many reading books for free! There are lots of different ones for you to try. Can you read 2 books this week?

If you fancy doing a bit of science then you might like to try making a lava lamp. Have a great day!

Lesson 34 - Reception

Monday 22nd June

Good morning reception. We hope you had a lovely weekend.

Our maths this week is based on the story 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. Watch the video and then you can create patterns using colours and describe patterns using positional language. For literacy why not try drawing your own dragon and then either labelling it using describing words or writing a simple sentence about it. What colour will your dragon be? How big will it be? Will it be scary? 


ZOG - By Julia Donaldson. Children's illustrated audiobook.

Lesson 33 - Reception

Friday 19th June

Good morning! It's Friday so we have a secret reader. Today it's..... Miss Ingram!

In maths we are looking at doubles. Can you work out how many chicken pox Princess Mirrorbelle would have if you counted those in her reflection in the mirror? Can you find pairs of things and count in 2's? 

Don't forget to watch the phonics lesson for today and practise your phonic sounds and words with a grown up.

Five Minutes Peace_HD.mp4

Still image for this video

Lesson 32 - Reception

Thursday 18th June

Good morning everyone! Your first task for maths, is to make a number track (the power point will explain this). Can you order numbers to 10 or 20? Can you make a specific mistake and see if your grown up can find it? Can you find something which is 10 sheets long? How many sheets tall are you? What else can you measure? Keep working hard with your phonics, we are very proud of all your hard work. I have included some other ideas that you may like to try.


Lesson 31 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 31.

Tuesday 16th June

Good morning. In maths today we are adding using the tens frames. Remember to fill up one tens frame before adding to the next one. If you are enjoying your maths there is an idea for you to try using a deck of cards. You might like to to try making the frozen eggs too. Don't forget to practise your phonics and you might like to try writing a simple sentence using our tricky words (the, I, go, to, he, she, we, my)

Have a good day. 

Lesson 30 - Reception

Monday 15th June

Good morning! Our maths this week is based on the story 'Princess Mirrorbelle and the Dragon Pox.'

Watch and listen to the story then try to draw or build a castle using 3d shapes (junk modelling is great for this!) There are also some patterns which have mistakes in them. Can you spot the mistake?

For literacy, can you write a sentence about the story? Maybe you could retell the story in your own words to someone in your family.

PRINCESS MIRROR-BELE AND THE DRAGON POX by Julia Donaldson | Children's Audiobook | AudioSloth Station

Lesson 29 - Reception

Friday 12th June

Good morning. Not such nice weather today. Today for maths we are looking at comparing distance and making symmetrical patterns. There is also a nice idea for the wet weather to help your child practise counting or their letters/tricky words. Place them on the stairs so your child can say them as they go up and down (it even gets a bit of exercise in!)

We have a different secret reader today as I'm sure you don't want to see Mrs GB again! It's the author Michael Rosen retelling and acting out the story 'We're going on a Bear Hunt.' Can you join in with the story and the actions? We would love to see you act out the story. 

Another wet day activity for you is to make a rain collector to see how much rain is falling. All the instructions are on the video. 

Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt

How To... Build A Rain Gauge - The Great British Weather - BBC One

Lesson 28 - Reception

Thursday 11th June

Hello. Today for maths/literacy you will be adding up to 20 by writing/drawing lists to make a yucky potion! You can also practise your halving by sharing the party food between the wizard and the princess.

I know the weather isn't going to be great today so we thought a fun science experiment that you can do at home or just watch might be fun. Let us know if any of you make butter and what it tastes like. Have a good day.

Big Science - Making Butter

Turn cream into butter with a little bit of science.

Lesson 27 - Reception

Wednesday 10th June

Good morning! It has been great to see some of you creating your own challenges and making the counting books from yesterday. Great work!

For maths today there are some fun counting games. Try counting forwards and backwards to 20 and if you want an extra challenge you could count in 2's, 5's or 10's! 

Another activity to try is a combination of science and music. Can you make a water xylophone? Can you talk about what the different sounds are like? which sounds are high or low? Can you make the sounds loud or quiet?

Have a great day. 

Lesson 26 - Reception

Tuesday 9th June

Hello. The maths today is all about days of the week and counting. It even links to literacy as you can write a list of 7 challenges that you are going to try. Can you make a counting book? Think about how you can show numbers (spots, objects, numerals, pictures, dice patterns). At this time of year we would have a visit from the road safety officer who would teach us about crossing roads safely. Can you create your own signs or a poster telling other people how to be safe?

We would love to see them.

Have a great day!

CBeebies Grown-Ups: Hoof and Safety Tips for Crossing Roads

Lesson 25 - Reception

Daniel has been learning about road safety

Monday 8th June

Good morning and welcome to another week! It seems like the rain has stopped for now so fingers crossed it stays that way.

This morning we have the story of 'The Princess and the Wizard' by Julia Donaldson. Our maths this week will be based on this story. Today it's all about ordering the days of the week and designing shape themed clothes for either the Wizard or the Princess. Will they have an outfit with circles or squares or triangles?

We also have our daily phonics lesson to watch. Keep up all the good work we know you have been doing.

The Princess and the Wizard by Julia Donaldson

Lesson 24 - Reception

Friday 5th June

Hello! It's Friday again so it's secret reader day. Today it's.........Mrs Goulty-Brown (again!!)

Don't forget that your new home learning packs are available to collect from school. 

super worm_HD.mp4

Still image for this video
I hope you have enjoyed listening to Mrs Goulty-Brown's story today. Your maths task today is to develop your positional language (next to, behind, above etc). Your daily phonics session is below. We have also included some additional tasks for you too. Have a lovely weekend!

Lesson 23 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 23.

Can you make your own snails using your playdoh?

Thursday 4th June

Good morning! We are very proud of all the hard work you are doing at home and it's lovely to see all of the fun things you have been up to. Today, your maths task is to learn about odd and even numbers and the powerpoint will explain this further. We have also included a few extra odd and even tasks if you fancy a challenge! Your daily phonics session is below.Have a lovely day!

Lesson 22 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 22.

More lovely photos...

Wednesday 3rd June

Hello everyone! We hope you are well and enjoying this weeks tasks. Today we will be making a tally chart and counting how many dangers the snail comes across in the story. Can you make a numbered list? Which do you think was the biggest problem? What other adventures do you think the group of snails might get up to? Can you make a simple book about their next adventure? We would love to see them! We have also included the daily phonics session below. 

Lesson 21 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 21.

Here is some book and craft ideas for today.

It looks like you have been busy and working hard.

Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning, it looks like it’s going to be another sunny day! Today we are going to make more spirals but using your funky finger! Create a spiral and use your finger prints to dot around it. The powerpoint shows you how to do this. You will also be exploring some addition problems on the powerpoint too. We have included your next phonics sessions below. Good luck!


Lesson 20 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 20.

Monday 1st June

Good morning everyone! We hope you are all ok and have been enjoying this gorgeous weather we have been having.

This week our maths is based on the book 'The snail and the whale.' Today you can make a snail spiral using your cutting skills, making chocolate spread (or anything you like) wrap swirls and then doing some subtraction as you eat them! The story is below and the maths ideas for the day. Don't forget the daily phonics lesson. Please remind your grown up to send us photos of all the lovely things you have been doing.


The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. Children's read-aloud story with illustrations.

Lesson 19 - Reception

Half Term

It's half term this week so make the most of the gorgeous weather we are supposed to be getting! If you are bored here are a couple of ideas you might like to try this week. Remember to stay safe!

Look what your friends have been up to.

Friday 22nd May

Good Morning! Our Superworm maths today is making worms of different lengths and then using your fine motor skills to try and make the longest Superworm you can! Can you measure your worm? You could use your feet, Lego blocks or anything other object to measure it.

It's Friday so it's secret reader day. A huge thank you to Daniel's mum for being our secret reader today.

Next week is half term so we will post some fun ideas on Monday if you need something to do, otherwise enjoy yourselves and don't forget to send us photos of all the lovely things you are doing. Stay safe.

Secret Reader

Still image for this video

Lesson 18 - Reception

Thursday 21st May

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful sunshine yesterday. Today we have our phonics and maths for the day. Today you can make tins of minibeasts and then identify coins and use money to buy them. Can you identify all the different coins? Can you use your adding skills to find totals?

We also have another fun phonics ideas for you. Write phonemes (letter sounds) on empty bottles/packets and then ask your adult to create you words to read. They can also tell you words to spell. How many words can you make?

Have a fantastic day.

Phonics fun

Lesson 17 - Reception


Wednesday 20th May

Hello. It's forecast to be a lovely day so I hope you are going to be making the most of the nice weather. The maths today is all about counting whilst moving e.g. ten jumps, 5 claps, 6 spins or timing how many skips/jumps/hops you can do in a minute.

We have our daily phonics and why not try making some fairy soup/potions using natural things found in your garden or on your walk. Mix them together with water and see what happens!

Have a lovely day.

Fairy soup/potion

Lesson 16 - Reception


Tuesday 19th May

We have our usual phonics lesson video today. The maths activity for Superworm is to draw worms and write numbers in order on them. Can you start at different numbers or count backwards? If you want an extra challenge you could count in 2's, 5's or 10's.

If you are missing our music lessons then there is a song to learn today and an idea for shaving foam paint.

Have a great day and we can't wait to see the photos of everything you have been doing.

Lesson 15 - Reception

There's a spider | Tiny Tunes Tuesday Episode 5

Monday 18th May

Good morning! Today we have our usual phonics lesson and our maths this week is based on a brilliant story called 'Superworm.' Listen to the story and then you could try making string art patterns and repeating patterns.

If you are feeling arty we have included an idea for making artwork with flowers and paint. Have a great day!


Lesson 14 - Reception

Make a busy box ideas

Friday 15th May

Good morning! It's Friday so that means it's Secret Reader day!!!

Today's secret reader is......... Mrs McCallum. We hope you enjoy the story. 


Still image for this video
Your maths task today is to learn about positional language. On the power point there is a fly next to the characters from the story and you need to tell your adult where they are e.g. the fly is under the cow. Maybe, you could work with your adult in the house/garden and find somewhere that is under, next to, on top of, behind or in front of something. We would love to see some photos too. I have also attached your daily phonics sessions and a mini-beast quiz. I think you have all worked so hard and you have definitely earned some golden time this afternoon. Have fun and enjoy the time with your family!

Lesson 13 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 13.

Thank you for so many lovely photos.


Still image for this video

Thursday 14th May 

Good morning. I hope you had a good day yesterday looking for mini-beasts and making them using natural materials. Today we are continuing with the story 'The Very Busy Spider'. In maths we will be learning about doubling, halving and sharing. The power point below explains these and provides some ideas for when you are working with your child/children. 

Power point for maths

Lesson 12 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 12.

Yesterday we started to learn about mini-beasts and today we are going to learn about some of their habitats. I wonder if you can find any habitats or make your own from natural materials. Below are some power points to share with your child/children. 

Wow, you have been busy! Thank you for all the lovely photos.

Wednesday 13th May 

Good morning everyone, it's the middle of the week already. Your maths task today will focus on number bonds to 10 (please see the power point below). I wonder how many different ways you can make 10 (e.g. 1 + 9 = 10). In phonics, we will be learning 'oi'. 


Lesson 11 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 11.

In the summer term we would usually be learning about mini-beasts. Below are some videos which explain what mini beasts are. I wonder how many mini-beasts you already know. I wonder if you can find any mini-beasts. Can you make your own mini-beast using natural materials? Below are some pictures to give you some ideas.

Natural art ideas

Video (9).mov

Still image for this video

Tuesday 12th May 

Good morning, we hope you are ready for another day of learning! Your maths activity is on the power point below and it relates to subtraction problems. You could draw and cut out some little fly pictures to help you work out the problems. Good luck!  

Lesson 10 - Reception

Here is your phonics session for today.

Popcorn the Dolphin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Let's get moving with some yoga!

Thank you for all your lovely photos. 

Monday 11th May

Good morning, we hope you had a lovely long weekend with your family. We would love to see some photos from your weekend. 

The Wizard of Oz | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

We're off to see the Wizard! A kids yoga adventure based on the wonderful movie, the Wizard of Oz.

Lesson 9 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 9.

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle 🕷

The story relating to maths this week is the Very Busy Spider. Your maths activity today is about patterns and your task is to draw your own spider web. You can even get creative and make your own web by using string. Don't forget to send us your pictures!

Friday 8th May

Good Morning. It is the 75th Anniversary of VE day. Are you celebrating in any way? We know that some children have been making flag and bunting and Daniel has made a delicious cake. If you have a VE Day celebration please send us some photos. 

If you would like to find out more about VE day we have included a short video explaining why we have VE Day.

We have added today's maths activities. Making caterpillars from playdough, talking about the passage of time across the week and learning a song.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

VE Day - explained for children.

Thursday 7th May

Good morning! The weatherman says it's going to be a lovely, warm day today. The maths activity today is to see if you can find any of the food from 'The Hungry Caterpillar' story and have a picnic (any food you have will be fine!) Can you share the food equally between how many people are in your family? Does everyone get the same amount? 

You might like to try making an ice cave for your toys. We have added instructions if you would like to try it. 

Don't forget to have a look at the spring activity ideas we posted yesterday. 

Have a great day and lots of fun!

Lesson 8 - Reception

Olivia reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Still image for this video

Wednesday 6th May

Good morning. It's a lovely sunny morning. Thank you to everyone who has been sending us photos. Some people have been trying out the maths activity ideas based on the Hungry Caterpillar.

Today we have added an art idea and some spring ideas which you can do over the next few weeks. There's a lovely page about butterflies and ideas of things you can do. Take a look!

Lots of lovely ideas for the next few weeks

Lesson 7 - Reception

Tuesday 5th May

Hello. Thank you for sending us lots of photos of all the lovely things you have been doing. Today for maths we are finger painting. Can you make some caterpillars using fingerprints? Can you make them different lengths and then order them? 

Other ideas for today is to learn about and draw and label the life cycle of a butterfly. The story of the very hungry caterpillar will help you. 

You could also make a symmetrical butterfly. Cut out the shape of a butterfly from paper, paint half the paper and then fold it over. Now your butterfly should have symmetrical wings (the same on both sides). 

Have a good day.

Lesson 6 - Reception

Monday 4th May

Good Morning. This week's story for our maths work is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar.' We've added a link to the story for you to watch before you try some of the maths activities. Today it is looking for 2d shapes and making art using shapes. who can find different shapes around the house? Can you make some art in the style of Kandinsky? There is also a link to today's phonics lesson. Have a lovely day.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film


Lesson 5 - Reception


Lots more lovely things that you have been doing and a big Happy Birthday to Mollie.

Friday 1st May

Good morning! I can't believe it is May already. 

As it is Friday, we have our secret reader for today - and it's not Mrs GB!! A huge thank you to Jorge's mum for being our reader today.

I know lots of you have been enjoying the phonics lesson videos so I've added the next one to watch. 

Some children have been enjoying the scavenger hunts so I have added two new ones to try.

Have a lovely weekend and keep sending us the brilliant photos.

How to Hide a Lion

Still image for this video

Lesson 3 - Reception

VID-20200430-WA0000 (1).mp4

Still image for this video

Thursday 30th April

Good morning! It was lovely to talk to so many of you yesterday and hear about the lovely things you have been doing. Keep sending us photos and videos as we love to see them.

Today we have another maths idea linked to 'The Night Pirates.' Today is making a boat that will float and hold 5 pieces of treasure. How will you make your boat float? What is the largest amount of treasure that your boat will hold? 

I've also added another video of a phonics lesson. Have a good day.

Lesson 3 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 3. First released April. A new Wednesday 29th April. Reception lesson is uploaded every week day at 10am and is suitable for children ...

Maths can be fun!

Still image for this video

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning! For today's maths task linked to 'The Night Pirates' you need to create a treasure map and go on a treasure hunt. The key is to use positional language (e.g. behind, above, in front of, beside, next to, on top of, below, under etc.) If anyone does this we would love to see the pictures.

If your child is missing their daily phonics lesson there is a daily phonics lesson for reception at 10am on YouTube from Letters and Sounds which is the phonics scheme that we teach from. I've added a lesson for you to see but just search 'Letters and Sounds.' (It is the one with the orange circle.)

Lesson 1 - Reception

Watch Reception Lesson 1. First released Monday 27th April. A new Reception lesson is uploaded every week day at 10am and is suitable for children who can bl...

Lots more super home learning

Tuesday 28th April

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and staying safe at home. Today I will include the maths plan for 'The Night Pirates.' Did anyone make a telescope yesterday and compare the lengths of different tubes?

Today it's looking at different objects and seeing whether they can float or sink. I tried walking the plank along a piece of string. It's very tricky to keep your balance. Who can do better than me?

Who fancies trying some art today? I've added a link to an artist called Liz Million (she can be found on YouTube). She shows you how to draw using simple shapes. It's lots of fun! 

Liz Million Potato Draw Along!

Grab a pencil and a bit of paper and draw along!

Monday 27th April

Welcome to another week. The sun is shining so make the most of it. The White Rose Maths this week is based on the book 'The Night Pirates.' I have added the link so you can listen to the story before trying some of the activities. 

The Night Pirates - Storytime Book Reading

Tom is a little boy, Tom is a little boy about to go on a fantastic adventure!

Here are the suggested maths activities for today, linked to the story.

Friday 24th April

Good morning! We hope you are all well and had another lovely week of learning and fun. It's Friday and time for secret reader again. Who is it today? It's......... Mrs Goulty-Brown again (sorry). We promise that it will be someone different next week. Remember your adult could take a video of themselves reading a story and they could be the next secret reader (please wink).

After listening to the story you could draw a picture of your favourite part and write a simple sentence about it or make stick puppets and act out the story with your family. If you fancy a challenge you might like to re-write the whole story!


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Thursday 23rd April

Good Morning! I hope you are all ok and staying safe. There are some lovely resources on White Rose Maths and there is a weekly plan of exciting activities to do based around a story. This week it is Supertato!

Follow this link and it will take you to the weekly plan and activity ideas.

Wednesday 22nd April

It's another sunny morning so I thought that today a fun maths activity which you can do outside would be a good idea. Write numbers on the ground with chalk or on pieces of paper and stick them up outside. An adult will shout out a number and then with a squirty bottle or water pistol (if you have one) you have to run and squirt the number as quickly as possible. 

Other ideas of how you can add challenge:

1 more or 1 less than another e.g. squirt the number 1 more than 6 or 1 less than 8

Doubles e.g. squirt double 3

Addition e.g. squirt the total of 3 and 3

Subtraction e.g. squirt 8 take-away 4

Number bonds e.g. squirt 2 numbers that make 10.


Have a look at the lovely work your friends have been doing at home. There's some great ideas!

Tuesday 21st April

Phonics Game

Here is a fun phonics game that you can play either inside or outside in the nice weather. Write 6 phonic sounds on pieces of paper (these can be some sounds that your child knows and some which they are working on) and place in a circle. Put a bottle in the middle and spin it. When the bottle lands on a sound, say the sound and then go and find something beginning with the sound. To make it extra challenging then try to write the word of the object you found using your phonic knowledge.

If you fancy a change from Joe Wicks for some exercise then why not try Cosmic Kids Yoga. The children who have been in school have enjoyed it. You can search for it on YouTube or to get you started here is a quick link to one.

Monday 20th April

At this time of year at school we would be doing lots of planting of seeds and watching how plants grow and learning what they need to grow.

The Young People's Trust for the Environment (YPTE) has a great home learning pack which has some lovely ideas for activities to do at home. This week it is all about plants. This is the link for all the amazing ideas.

There have been lots more lovely activities going on at home. Take a look!

Happy Easter!

Some children have been making Easter crafts, decorating Easter eggs, baking, doing work and lots of lovely things!

Easter Holidays

If everything was normal in the world we would have been breaking up for the Easter holidays today. Here are a few ideas of things that you might like to do to keep busy over the next couple of weeks. 

1. Go on an Easter egg hunt. Draw Easter eggs with lots of different patterns and hide them for your family to find. If you want to make it extra educational you could add phonic sounds, tricky words or numbers onto the eggs to read or order once you have found the eggs!

2. Hold your own Easter egg decorating competition (you can eat the eggs afterwards).

3. Make some chocolate Easter nests from melted chocolate and either Rice Krispies or Shredded Wheat. 

4. Choose a favourite story, make simple stick puppet characters and put on a puppet show retelling the story.

5. Go on a scavenger hunt (ideas below)

6. Use some of the insides of all the toilet rolls to create minibeasts or other creatures/monsters!

7. Do some potato printing to create some Easter pictures.

Just remember to keep safe and have fun! Don't forget to send us photos of what you have been doing!

Friday 3rd April

Good morning! As you know we have a secret reader each Friday to read our story at the end of the day. Today, we will have a secret reader - well not so secret as it's Mrs GB! If any parent/carer would like to continue being our secret reader (and don't mind being on the website) then we would love you to send us a video of you reading a story. We hope you enjoy today's book 'Pom Pom gets the grumps.'


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Thursday 2nd April

Good Morning! It looks like it's going to be a nice day. We hope you are remembering to practise your phonic sounds and words several times a week as well as doing all the lovely things that you have been showing us. Here are today's ideas for activities.

Keep safe and enjoy your day.

Yesterday I saw lots of signs of Spring in my garden. I took some photos to show you. Can you look for signs of Spring in your garden or during your daily exercise? You could take a photo or even draw what you see. Don't forget to share it with us!
Maybe you fancy doing a bit of science. Try 'growing' your own rainbow. It would be great to see how many rainbows we can get.

There's been even more lovely work going on at home. Lots of baking which is making our mouths water!

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning everyone!

It's not long until the Easter holidays. This week we would usually be completing lots of Easter crafts such as making Easter cards, designing our own Easter eggs and making cakes. Below is a few ideas that you may like to try at home.


Activity 1 

Design your own Easter egg picture on paper or you can use Purple Mash.


Activity 2

Make an Easter card for a family member.


Activity 3

Play some games together such as eye spy or Simon Says. 


Activity 4

Practise reading your tricky words by listening to these tricky word songs. 


Have a lovely day


From the Reception Team


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It is lovely to see how busy you have been at home. Keep up the good work!

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