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Rainbows Nursery

Chinese New Year

The children in Nursery enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year, the year of the pig. We changed the role play area to a Chinese restaurant. The children shared Chinese food together, many tasting new foods.

Bird Feeders

After a discussion about the cold weather and finding food, the children were very concerned that our Robin (who visits us at Forest School) would go hungry. We talked about helping the birds and decided to make bird feeders. We mixed lard and seeds and left them overnight to harden.

First Snowfall of 2019!

Oh what fun we had playing in the first snow of the year. We attempted to build a snowman, made and threw snowballs, made snow angels and just enjoyed being outdoors!

Baking Pig Biscuits

The children baked pig shaped shortbread biscuits following a week exploring the traditional tale - The Three Little Pigs!

Leam Lane Library Visit

The children from Rainbow Nursery enjoyed a visit to Leam Lane library. Sara who works in the library read us a story before we chose a book to take back to nursery. 

Winter Forest School

The children have enjoyed their weekly visits to Forest School despite the cold weather. Here are some of the puddles we found!


Rainbow Nursery

The children in nursery have settled back in after the long summer break. We have also welcomed some new children to our group. All children have enjoyed exploring the nursery both indoors and outdoors.

Apple Crumble

William brought a bag of apples to nursery that had fallen off the apple tree in his garden. We talked about the apples and described the colour and texture during group time. The children decided they wanted to make apple crumble with the apples. We wrote a list of the ingredients we would need after looking in a recipe book. Mrs Crowe went to the shops and collected everything off the shopping list.

Later in the week we worked with an adult to peel and cut the apples.

Next we put the pieces of apple in a pan and added a little water, sugar and cinnamon. We slowly stewed the apples and left them to cool.

Meanwhile the children worked with Mrs Iley to mix crumble using the flour, butter and sugar.

Lastly the children spooned in the stewed apples and covered them with the crumble mix. The mini crumbles were baked in the oven for fifteen minutes.
William gave Mrs Ritchie one of the finished crumbles!

Forest School

The children have been to our Forest School site today for our first session of the year. We all had so much fun exploring.