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Rainbows Nursery - Mrs Crowe and Miss Mundy 2014-2015

Welcome to Rainbows Nursery

Litter Pick


We joined Durham Wildlife Trust and Gateshead Council at Oliver Henderson Park to clean up! Jayne and Becky talked to us about how important it is to put our litter in the bin to keep our park nice and the wildlife safe. Some of our adults joined us at the park to pick up the litter and make some bird boxes. It was lots of fun and we were all fantastic at helping!


Summer Term


This term our topic is Growth. We are all going to be nature detectives and will be doing lots of exciting things. Scroll down to check out what we have been up to.

Reading is fun!

We love to read in nursery and really enjoy our story of the week. However, we have enjoyed reading different types of texts, such as non-fiction texts. This week we all read a non-fiction book about growing. It gave us lots of information about how plants and animlas grow. We practised holding the book correctly, turning the pages and reading from left to right. We would love to read some non-fiction texts and information books at home!



A Springtime Walk


As part of our topic about Growth and Change, we walked around Oliver Henderson Park. We talked baout what had changed since Autumn. We all noticed that the trees had leaves, and lots of different colored ones at that! Some children spotted some nests growing in the trees and the low branches above the pond.  



Working With Durham Wildlife Trust

and Gateshead Council


We are very happy to report that Lingey House Primary School will be working with Durham Wildlife Trust and Gateshead Council to improve the natural environment in order to conserve the wildlife in Oliver Henderson Park. Our nursery children were given the opportunity to sew the first seeds to create a wildflower area near the pond. Jayne from Gateshead Council told the children about the flower seeds they were planting and Becky from Durham Wildlife Trust showed the children how to scatter the seed.


We can't wait to get involved in the next project! Please take a look at the photos below.


Jayne showing the children the wildflower seeds


Becky demonstrating how to scatter the seed


The children scattering the seed

Circus Dance Session


One of our parents, Mrs. Hylton, a dance teacher, came in to lead a dance session for the children. The theme was the circus. Mrs. Hylton showed the children how to stretch, balance and roll before they demonstrated their skills on the tightrope lines. They children were all fully engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the session. Many thanks to Mrs. Hylton for taking time out of her busy teaching schedule to work with us.


Take a look at our photos below.


Mrs. Hylton showing the children how to balance

Stretches and balances


Demonstrating their new skills on the tightrope lines

Stay and Play

Squiggle While You Wiggle


The children from Rainbow and Stars nurseries get together three times a week for 'Squiggle While You Wiggle' sessions. The children do gross motor exercises that develop their fine manipulative, mark making and handwriting skills. The children love these exercises which are performed to music.


Take a look at the photos below.


Practising the Squiggle movement in the air


Mark making on paper using the Squiggle movement


This term we are learning about different celebrations around the world. This week we celebrated Eid. One of our parents kindly came into nursery and painted mehndi patterns on our hands.


We went for a walk to look for signs of Autumn.


Our parents and carers kindly donated tinned and fresh food to give to some of our neighbours.


Rainbow nursery delivering food boxes to our neighbours

Outdoor Learning

We enjoyed working with our parents and carers. First we all went to our park to see how many different birds we could see on the pond.

Then we made pictures together using natural materials we found around our school grounds and in the park.


In the park