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Rainbows Nursery

Hello from your friends who have been back to Nursery! 


We have been working hard and having lots of fun since we came back last Monday. We have been practising our counting, recognising numbers, hearing sounds and blending words, painting, mark making, cutting, sticking, building, singing just to name a few things. 


We have been reading The Rainbow Fish and Zog, you can watch them here:

Our Lockdown Learning! What have you and your friends from Nursery been up to? 

Harrison had a fantastic adventure in Plessey Woods. He spotted flowers, dogs and butterflies and even sat on Shrek's toilet!

Harrison had a great day out at the beach and the park. He had lots of fun playing in the sand, balancing on the wall and even enjoying some candy floss and ice cream!

Jenson has been having lots of adventures and has been dressing up lots too! Doesn't he look fantastic? Can you name the characters he dressed up as? Do you recognise the characters he bumped into in the woods? Which story are they from?

We are so impressed with Benjamin' pencil control! He is definitely getting ready for Reception! Well done Benjamin, keep up the hard work!

Layla has been working hard and having lots of fun both inside and out! She is getting good with her numbers and even better with her baking! She found out that there are 27 species of UK Earthworm! Did you know that?

JJ has been having a great week full of lots of exciting activities! He has been working hard on his counting and we can't wait to see it when we're back in school!

Jaxon has been working hard, doesn't he look so grown up and ready for Reception?

Gracie has been having a trolltastic time and has been working hard! Well done Gracie, we love your costume!

Penelope has been working hard on her Phonics, look at her super segmenting!

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Benjamin dug up a flower in his garden then put a paper one together. Can you spot the roots? Which part do we call the flower? Which other parts do plants have?

Gracie went on an adventure in the forest, had a picnic, played with her trolls and did some of her home learning pack this week. Keep up the good work Gracie!

Harrison has been having lots of fun bouncing on his new trampoline and dressing up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Jacob has been working hard on his pencil grip and colouring skills. Well done Jacob!

Ailsa has been having lots of fun playing with water (just like at Nursery!) and climbing trees with her sister.

Jacob went to feed the swans. Did you know baby swans are called cygnets? The daddy swan is called a cob and the mammy swan is called a pen.

Gracie has enjoyed spending time with Fudge the dog and learning algebra with her brother! She has also tried out a new hairstyle, rose her bike and relaxed in her mermaid tail.

Jaxon had lots of fun celebrating VE Day with some beautiful decorations and a delicious picnic. He has been enjoying the sunshine too! It looks like he has been working hard on his pencil control and name writing, Good job, keep it up Jaxon!

Jacob found this beautiful butterfly on his walk over the weekend. Can you describe the colours and patterns you can see? Could you draw or paint a picture of a butterfly? Do you know what butterflies grow from?

Isabelle and her sister Lily decorated their window with some fantastic VE Day crafts We're sure they will make everyone that passes by smile. What a lovely way to celebrate!

Jacob enjoyed a delicious picnic in the sunshine.

Harrison went on a walk with his mammy and spotted some dandelions and some other purple flowers and could hear some birds hiding in the trees. He practised his counting with the big stones and jumped off them! He has been spending the sunshine in his paddling pool too, Miss Barnsley and Mrs Iley are very jealous!

Layla has been busy painting, teaching her sister to dance and baking some caterpillar twists. She has very kindly sent the recipe if any of you would like to have a go! She has also been working hard on her numbers and has even learned how to ride her bike! Well done Layla, we are so proud of you!


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Benjamin has been busy over the weekend helping to make this lovely sign to say thank you to key workers. We're sure you will bring a smile to lots of faces when they see it!

Freddie looks like he's having lots of fun playing his sound detectives game!

Isabelle has been busy crafting at home. We love your saltdough decorations!

Jaxon has been working hard on recognising his numbers and saw some animals out on his walk! Can you guess what they are?

Gracie has had another busy week. She went to see the swans, dressed up, painted some pictures, rode her scooter, became a news reader and made some interesting clothes for her dolls! We love the friendship card she got from her friend!

Jacob has been very busy and looks like he's been having lots of fun with his family and his dog! He is such a good driver too!

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Scarlett hard at work completing her home learning pack. She definitely looks like she is getting ready for Reception!

Penelope has had her birthday and is now four! How grown up! She celebrated with a movie night and has been learning to ride her bike! She also had a visit from the Easter bunny!

Max has been busy learning to ride his bike. What a fantastic achievement Max, well done! It looks like he is working hard on his letter formation, keep up the good work! He has also been playing his ukulele, sing along with him!

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Alivia has been very busy making some delicious creations, enjoying the sunshine and completing her home learning tasks. Well done Alivia!

Harrison has been having fun and being creative in his garden. He has also been working hard to write his name and form some letters from his friends' names! Well done Harrison!

JJ has been having lots of fun in the sun! He found a very wiggly worm in his garden when he was on his bug hunt! Look at those bubbles he made! Maybe you could try that with an empty bottle too!

Gracie has been making the most of the lovely weather. She has also been getting creative with paint and baking. We bet your peanut butter cookies were delicious!

Jaxon has been having lots of fun with his brother. Look how good he is getting at writing his name!

Jenson has been getting creative and painted some colourful stones for his garden.

Gracie has been practising her Phonics using Phonics Play, learning about rhyming words and opposites- well done Gracie! She has also been making the most of the sunshine in her garden, we love your sunglasses Gracie! What a fantastic boat you made for Moana too.

JJ has been very busy over the last couple of weeks! Before we had to stay inside, he learned how to skateboard with Penelope. He has also been busy baking, building, modelling with playdough, walking, and playing in the hot tub! He has also been working hard on his writing and Phonics. Keep it up JJ!

Layla has been very busy! You look fantastic in your Dorothy costume, I love when the scarecrow sings too! She found out the giraffes have four stomachs and have tiny poos the size of malteasers! She found this out by watching Chester Zoo Live with Mam. She also went on a bug hunt and found a worm, ants and a spider. How many legs do spiders have Rainbows? Layla knows! Keep practising your ballet, I'm sure you'll be improving lots every time you do!

Freddie looks like he is happy at home! Lovely to see your big smile Freddie!

Gracie has been very busy! She decorated a fantastic pirate costume, made her own sandwich (super independence, well done!), has practised her painting skills, did some shadow drawing, played Scrabble and made some delicious banana muffins! Wow!

Chef Harrison (or is it Chef Spiderman?) has been busy in the kitchen making pizza and krispie cakes. Yummy!

Scarlett has been sharing Numberblocks with her little brother and made a delicious pizza. Can you spot which letter is on the top?

Tuesday 31st March 2020 


Hi everyone! 

We would love to see what your children have been getting up to so please email us at and tell us what your child has been doing. We would love to see any photos you have been taking! We will then share these photos on our Class Page so your child can see what their friends have been doing too.  smiley

From now on, we will be updating the Covid 19 (Coronavirus) section on the website on a weekly basis with ideas for things you might like to do at home. This section can be found under Key Information. I'm sure you'll all get lots of ideas from each other too! 

Thank you and best wishes, 

Miss Barnsley and Mrs Iley

Monday 30th March 2020

Hello everyone smiley

I hope you are all well and that you had a nice week last week. I also hope you are all coping well with all the change that is happening at this strange time.

At this difficult time, try not to worry too much about what your child would be missing out on in Nursery. The most important thing is making sure your child feels safe and secure during this uncertain time.

However, if you feel that your child is missing the routine and structure of Nursery (I know I am!) I will be posting some ideas on here to keep your child busy every week. It is important to remember that children at this age learn best through play. 

The characteristics of effective learning are: playing and exploring, active learning, and creating and thinking critically. The best thing you can do to help your child is to play with them and encourage them to explore the world around them (even if you are currently rather limited with how much exploring you can do!). 


Here are some ideas for this week: 
•    Learn the Makaton signs to sing along with Baa Baa Black Sheep 
•    Go on a sound hunt around the house and in the garden. What sounds can you hear? What are they from?
•     If your child has become interested in sounds in words then go on a sound hunt for things beginning with the ‘S’ sound. If your child is struggling with this give them examples and emphasise the initial sound e.g. “sssssink”. This could also be used as a game of ‘I Spy’. This is part of our phonics program Letters and Sounds which we follow within school. Here is a link to the website where you will find information, resources and games which can be played 
•    Build something using junk materials around the house e.g. cardboard boxes from the recycling or using building materials like Lego. 
•    Use clothes pegs to pick up bits of wool or string (to develop fine motor skills ready for writing). If you have coloured pegs you could also sort them by colour and count how many of each you have. 
•    Don’t forget to read a book!


You could also discuss the day of the week and the weather every day like we do at Nursery to keep some sort of routine. 

Hopefully it won’t be too long until we see each other again but, in the meantime, look after yourselves. 

Best wishes to you and your families, 
Miss Barnsley and Mrs Iley 

Wellie Walk

On a wet Wednesday the best think to do is go on a 'Wellie Walk'.

The children enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles on the field and splashing in puddles on the yard.

Futsal Football

The nursery children enjoyed a football training session today with the Futsal coaches.