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Rainbow Nursery – Mrs Crowe 2013-2014

Welcome to Rainbow Nursery

Our Teachers

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Nursery Graduation 2014


The stage is set for the nursery graduation of 2014.


Wednesday, 9th July.


Morning Graduation Ceremony ~ 10am

Afternoon Graduation Ceremony ~ 2pm



We are looking forward to seeing all of the families and friends of our nursery children.

Spring Term


Please scroll down the page to see some of the things we have been doing in nursery this term.

Mother's Day


The children made cards and button and bead bracelets for their mams for Mother's Day. Mams, dads and carers attended a special Mother's Day presentation where the children sang and then gave their mothers their special gifts and cards.


Take a look at the photos below.







Visit From The Road Safety Officers


This week we had a visit from the road safety officers.  They taught the children  the Green Cross code - STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK before you cross the road.  They also reminded them that they should always hold an adult's hand when crossing any roads.


The children then practised crossing safely on the role play road.


Take a look at the photos.


Stop, Look, Listen and Think before you cross the road.


Showing the children a photo of a School Crossing Patroller


The children practising crossing the road safely







Chinese New Year 2014


This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year.  We have had lots of fun activities to do.


We transformed our home corner into a Chinese restaurant.  The children had great fun writing down customers' orders, cooking, serving and practising eating with chopsticks.


We made coolie hats and Chinese lanterns.  We made yellow lanterns as Chinese people believe that they bring good luck in school/work.  We made a festival dragon and we also learned how to say Happy New Year in Chinese - Gung Hei Fat Choi.


To finish our week of celebrations we had a banquet where we were able to try Chinese snacks and sauces.


Take a look at our photos.


Our Festival Dragon


Gung Hei Fat Choi

Our Chinese Banquet










Visit From a Nurse


This week to coincide with our topic, 'People Who Help Us', we had a visit from an ex pupil, Cheryl Martin.  Cheryl is a staff nurse and is training to be a midwife.  So far she has delivered 28 babies!  Cheryl talked to the children about her role as a nurse and a midwife.  She then showed them how to apply bandages correctly.


Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule Cheryl.


Staff Nurse Cheryl talking to the children



Demonstrating how to apply bandages



Outdoor Play


The weather outside may be cold, damp and miserable but it has not curbed the children's enthusiasm for playing and experimenting.



           Checking the temperature on the weather station                                           Building a bridge



                   Experimenting at the water cascade                                   Checking which items are sinking/floating



           Playing at the small sand/water tray                            Playing at the large road/rail track

Autumn Term


Please scroll down the page to see some of the things we have been doing this term.

Christmas Party

Nursery Rhyme Nativity Play


We are very proud of all our nursery children who performed in the nativity play.  As well as learning lots of new songs and a new dance routine, they sang in French and used Makaton sign language.








Fund Raising Day For The People Of The Philippines


In nursery we all brought in a coin to add to the spiral on the hall floor. We also cheered on the players at the football match.

The whole day raised over £500 for the people who were affected by the typhoon.

Pictures from our fundraising fun day!

Shopping for Reindeer Food



Today Rainbow and Stars nurseries went to buy reindeer food to leave out for Rudolph and his friends on Christmas Eve.  We went to Nobles in Fewster Square to buy the special food for flying reindeer.  The shop owner, Mr. Lowes, gave one of the boys a job behind the counter and let him take pay for the food.


We also bought seed for the ducks and geese on the pond in Oliver Henderson Park and fed them on our way back to nursery.



       Choosing the special reindeer food               The new shopkeeper



                                                               Feeding the ducks and geese

Nursery Rhyme Nativity


Rehearsals for our nursery nativity play on 12th December, are well under way.

Tickets will be on sale the week beginning 2nd December.


Halloween Party


Nursery children enjoyed coming to school in Halloween fancy dress. We played pin the tale on the cat, we made witches stew, played ring games, had a disco and enjoyed some scary snacks.