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Puzzle Club

Year 3 Puzzle Club


Year 3 pupils and their families enjoyed their first week at puzzle club on Wednesday 10th January 2018. They are already looking forward to learning  how to solve new puzzles next week.

Year 3 Puzzle Club Week 1

Year 2 Puzzle Club

The pupils in year 2 and their families had an amazing time attending puzzle club this half term.

Have a look at all the puzzles they enjoyed and read their feedback.

What our children and families said about puzzle club

What have you enjoyed about Puzzle club?

  • Spending time with my mum.

  • The puzzles.

  • Trying out the different games.

  • We enjoyed playing games that we have not played before.

  • Exploring and matching the puzzles.

  • It was really fun.

  • I got to spend time playing with my mum.

  • Playing different games with friends and having fun.

  • I enjoyed playing different games with my mam and friends.

  • There was a good range of games to play.

  • Playing all the different games.

  • Playing Penguin Pileup.

What have you learned?

  • How to take turns.

  • Playing different games that we wouldn’t usually play at home.

  • How not to cheat!

  • Playing one to one games and the challenges.

  • That it can still be fun when you lose.

  • Learning how to play new games and taking turns.

  • It’s not just about the winning.

  • I have learned how to be patient and take turns.

  • Games are fun and help you learn.

  • How to play different games.

  • How to wait my turn.

  • Learning all the different games.

  • How to wait your turn.

Other Comments

  • I enjoyed puzzle club.

  • Good to interact with other parents.

  • Lovely one to one time with my child.

  • Fab hour spending time with our children and their friends.

  • Watching them interact and playing with each other.

  • It has been nice to take the time to play together.

  • We will definitely be making more time for games.

  • We have enjoyed coming to puzzle club together and learning new games.

  • Please do it for some more weeks – it was so much fun.

  • Thank you to Mrs Jackson and the staff.

  • We loved playing the puzzles together.

  • It was amazing. Thanks.

  • Puzzle club was a great way to spend one to one time with my child where both of us are having fun and trying new games.

  • I have really enjoyed puzzle club, spending time with Hollie, learning new games.

  • What a great idea.

  • Puzzle club is a really great idea it has given Aimee the chance to play a lot of different games, learn about taking turns and that it about having fun and not always about winning.

  • Thank you to Lingey House and Mrs Jackson.

  • There was a good range of games and puzzles.

  • This club is a great way for parents and children to spend time together having fun whilst learning.

  • Cameron really enjoyed being at puzzle club, learning and playing different games.

  • Cameron has really enjoyed puzzle club and it has been good to see him interacting with his friends at the club.

  • Harry has enjoyed attending puzzle club. He has learnt how to be more patient.

Puzzle Club


We were pleased to start our puzzle club again for our

 Year 1 children and their families.

Week 1 - Puzzle Club


Puzzle Club


We were pleased to start our puzzle club again for Key Stage 2.The children have enjoyed working as a team to develop problem solving skills. 


We invited our families to the last puzzle club session.

Puzzle Club Reviews

Puzzle Club Autumn 2016

Puzzle Club 2015 Week 1

We were pleased to start our puzzle club again for some of our year 5 and 6 children. Each week there will a different theme designed to help with a range of problem solving skills. This week the theme was logic problems. The children had a good time working together to solve a range of puzzles.

More pupils will be invited to attend Puzzle Club which will be due to start after October Half Term 2014.

Keep looking for further posts. Mrs Jackson


The pupils enjoyed a selection of new puzzles  in the final session of puzzle club this week. These included Thinktangles, Chairs, Rats and Am I a Banana?

The pupils had great fun and they are looking forward to even more puzzles and problem solving next year.

The Final Session

We had great fun at Puzzle Club again tonight. Everyone worked together to try and solve pentomino puzzles. Some parents even joined in too!

Pentomino Puzzles

16 pupils have been selected to attend Lingey House's very first 'Puzzle Club starting on Thursday 14th November.

More information and photographs will be posted soon.

The children really enjoyed puzzle club tonight, where they worked together well, trying to solve a variety of logic style puzzles.

Puzzle Club Day 1