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Spelling & Phonics

Buried Treasure


Can you help the pirate sort his treasure? Read the phase 5 words carefully and decide whether it is a fake word or a nonsense word. As an extra challenge could you out the real words into sentences?


Sentence Substitution 


Drag to swap the words  between the sentence and the word bank. Can you make a new sentence? Read each word carefully and when you think you have completed a sentence, read it back to make sure it makes sense!


Phonics Frog

Can you help phonics frog make it home? Tap the screen or click the mouse to jump across the road without getting hit by traffic. Cross the river by jumping onto lily pads, alligators and floating logs. Alligator tails are safe, but not their mouths.

Read the writing on the side of the logs. Be careful. If the word on the log is real the log is safe, but if the word is not real you will fall into the river!


Tricky Trucks 


This game is for a child to play with a teacher or family member. The child and adult sit together. When the game starts you will see a big lorry (truck) with a word on its side. The child sounds out the word. If the child is correct the adult clicks the tick. If the child is wrong, the adult clicks the ‘x’.


Phonics Treasure Hunt


For this game you don't need a computer or tablet. You just need some paper and a pen. Cut up pieces of paper to about the size of a flashcard that we use in school. Look at the sounds below and write 2 words that have each sound. 


ay (e.g clay, play)






So altogether you should have 10 flashcards. Hide the cards around your home and ask a grown up or another child to find each one. When they find the flashcard you have to read the word and write a sentence using the word. Have fun!