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Year 4B

Welcome to our class page. Please explore it to find out what children have been learning and how you can help them at home. 

We currently have 26 children in our class. In the mornings we practise our Handwriting, Phonics, English and Maths. In the afternoons we have lessons in PE, Science, History, Geography, R.E., PSHCE, Art, Music, Spanish, DT and Computing.  

There are two classes in each year group (A and B) and we do lots of things together. Our teachers work together to make sure we get the same experiences.  

Our Adults 

Class Teacher: Miss L Bell & Mrs K Watson  

Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Wilson  

Our Class Ambassador 

Each class has an ambassador who has been chosen by their peers to represent them and speak on their behalf. Our class ambassador has many responsibilities and has some important decisions to make.  


All doors on the main school yard will be opened at 8:45am by a member of staff. Children can come into school anytime between 8:45am and 8.55am via their designated door. Children walk straight into school where their teacher will be waiting for them in the classroom to complete mindfulness activities. The register will be taken at 8.55am.   

If any children arrive after the yard doors close at 8.55am, they are to enter school via the main entrance and report to the office.  

Children can be collected from their designated door on the main school yard at 3:15pm. 


Our homework grids give details of activities children can do at home to extend their learning and how parents and carers can support their children.  


Autumn 1 homework grid – Y4 

Autumn 2 homework grid – Y4 

Spring 1 homework grid – Y4 

Spring 2 homework grid – Y4 

Summer 1 homework grid – Y4 

Summer 2 homework grid – Y4