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Art & Design


Subject Lead: Mrs E Lillie

Curriculum Rationale - Art


At Lingey House Primary School, our Art and Design curriculum is designed to enable all children to reach their creative potential. We believe that every child is entitled to develop their critical and creative thinking skills, and to build their knowledge and understanding of materials and techniques, developing their experience of how they can make a creative response to a variety of stimulus. We place an emphasis on encouraging exploratory journeys, working towards varied and individual outcomes. By offering a broad and rich curriculum where children can understand all discipline areas (drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture etc), we can ensure that art at Lingey House Primary School is inclusive and accessible to every child.  




In the early years, art is encouraged from the very beginning of our children’s school experience. Within EYFS, children are immersed in art in a child-initiated way, through Expressive Arts and Design. We allow children to explore the early skills of drawing, painting, sculpture, digital art and printmaking within continuous provision and adult led tasks. This enables the beginning of their ‘art journey’ developing their natural sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them.   


Key Stages 1 & 2 

In Key Stages 1 and 2, our Art curriculum is sequenced in a way that builds on prior substantive and implicit knowledge and allows for the development of experimental knowledge by giving opportunity for repeated practise in new projects. Each unit of work is carefully structured so that children can meet both great and contemporary artists within the discipline, develop their substantive and implicit knowledge, explore and celebrate their art through evaluation and reflection. During each academic year, children will complete three units of artwork relating to drawing and sketchbooks, surface and colour and working in 3 Dimensions. Please refer to Progression of Skills document. 



Our children will value their individual creativity and embrace exploration. They will become creative and critical thinkers who are visually literate and able to interpret the world around them. They will understand that art serves a purpose to all our lives and will feel entitled to express and better understand themselves (and the world in which they live) through making and talking about art. Through this creative entitlement we will help nurture citizens who feel empowered to help shape community and society for the better. They will talk enthusiastically about their experiences in art and be able to share examples of their work which they are proud of.