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TikTok Video Warning and Guidance

Dear Parents/Carers, 


It has come to our attention that there is a very unsuitable Tiktok video being circulated. 

The following information is the advice that we have received from Gateshead Council. 


It’s unlikely that the majority of children will have seen this content. Therefore, advice is to sensitively check in with them. Do this by having an open conversation but do not directly mention this video by name.


  • Suggest that you’ve heard there is some disturbing content being circulated in an online challenge and ask if they’ve heard of anything like that? This is the best way to open an indirect conversation that enables the child to talk to you about any concerns without inciting them or their friends to seek out the actual content.


  • Ensure that children know who they can talk to if they come across something that upsets or distresses them online.


  • What advice can you give a child about what to do if they come across something scary or disturbing online? Tell them to:


  • Stop – what they’re doing and turn off their screen or shut down their device
  • Breathe – pause and stay calm
  • Think – try not to focus on what they saw in great detail, and remind themselves that there is no immediate danger to them and that they are safe
  • Talk – they should find a trusted adult to talk to about what they’ve seen and how they feel.


Report -

It is very simple and easy to report anything you have seen online, it doesn't matter how small the worry is, it can be easily dealt with by the National Crime Agency - CEOP



Please read the following image attached with more details on how to use and stay safe using TikTok.