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Great British Tennis Weekend

The Great British Tennis Weekend (GBTW) is a nationwide ‘open days’ campaign driving more people to play tennis by offering FREE opportunities to play.

Since beginning in 2013, thousands of tennis clubs up and down the country have run GBTW events, enticing hundreds of thousands of people to play tennis.

Blaydon Tennis Club will be "opening its doors" and providing sessions for people of any age, ability or background to come and play some tennis on :


  • Saturday & Sunday, 13th & 14th May 2017
  • Saturday & Sunday, 22nd & 23rd July 2017

Anyone attending a GBTW session on 13th/14th May will be offered the opportunity to join the club at "Promotional" rates (New members only):


  • Seniors - £120
  • Retired (Over 60's) - £105
  • Intermediate /Student (11 - 18 yrs / Full-time education) - £36
  • Mini+Parent (Child + 1 parent, ask for full details) - £18
  • Mini (Under 10) - £12