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Friday 29th January

Another week of some brilliant learning at home Year 1! Good job! Today's maths is comparing number sentences, bringing together your addition skills, subtraction skills and < > and = knowledge. 


From Monday, your learning will be on Seesaw. You should all have your Seesaw log ins now. Hopefully it will all be clear when you log in on Monday (we have put voice overs over a lot of the lessons so that you don't even need a grown up to read them to you) but if you have any problems or questions getting started, you have our email:


Thursday 28th January

All give yourselves a high five and a pat on the back, you're all doing an amazing job again this week! Two more days before a well earned weekend break for you...

Wednesday 27th January

Today's maths is continuing subtraction to 20. Hopefully you are getting increasingly confident and independent with this now. A few of you might even be finding it quite easy now, so today's online lesson will include some extra problem solving for those of you who are ready. Others of you might still need to focus on straightforward questions for now. Just work at your own pace, we know everyone is in different places and has different challenges smiley

Tuesday 26th January

Good Morning, and well done to those of you who made a fantastic start on their home learning yesterday! It was lovely seeing your photos and updates. Don't worry if you haven't started yet as I know you all have different home learning schedules. 


Your maths is below, including an optional worksheet again. 

Monday 25th January

Good Morning All! I hope you have been able to have a good rest this weekend, and enjoyed the beautiful blue sky we have been lucky enough to have. 


Today's maths is below, and there is also a sheet with questions (to either print or look at on the screen) for some extra practice for those who wish. 


The plan is for you all to get your Seesaw log ins mid week this week, then we will hopefully get started with home learning through Seesaw next Monday. 


Thank you to those of you who have continued to keep us updated with your work and photos. Keep up the good work, I think we will be choosing a home learning star this week, and possibly each week going forwards!

Friday 22nd January

Wednesday 20th January

Wednesday 20th January- Farmer Pete Number Bonds for 10 song.

Friday 15th January

Good Morning Team!


One more day of home learning for this week, then it's the weekend! We know weekends aren't quite the same while we're in lockdown, but maybe you could find 5 minutes today to make a list of lots of fun things you could do either in the house or on your walk. 


Maybe you could make a den in the house, have a family picnic on the floor, make a lego city, play dressing up, dress up and have a 'dinner out' in your house, make your own play dough..... We know it's not home learning, but if you come up with a great idea that you think your friends would enjoy the following weekend let us know and we'll share it with your friends next week! smiley

Thursday 14th January

Happy Thursday all! Looking like it could be a bit of an indoor day today (or outdoor with wellies and a hood if you like a bit of splashy exercise) but from what I know of Year 1, you all have the imaginations to have equal amounts of fun indoors or out when you have finished your work smiley

However, if you are staying indoors I did come across a website with some great games to practice your numbers from 11-20 (and in fact lots of great games for many things). You have to register, but once I registered I could go on the games for free. I have put the link below. 

Wednesday 13th January

Good morning team! We hope you've all had a good sleep.


Thank you to those of you have send photo updates of your home learning, we will get yesterday's uploaded first thing this morning, so don't forget to go on your class page to have a peek what your friends have been up to. We would love to hear updates from more of you too, don't forget the email address is


Well done to those of you who have been testing out Numbots, we can see your progress online which is great. 


Enjoy your day!


Miss Clarke, Miss Proctor, Mrs Crawford and Mrs Conlin

Tuesday 12th January

Today's maths is below. Don't forget you have Numbots to enjoy too if your grown-ups are busy. I know from your emails that you are all working hard and that some of you like to make an early start (we understand - we do too!). We have been ensuring that the work is uploaded in Year 1 by 8am latest for those of you who are early birds smiley

Tuesday maths - optional print out sheets:

Monday 11th January

Morning all! Your maths for today is below. We are posting a Powerpoint and a jpeg version. These are identical, we know that which works best will depend on your device. Any problems, please drop us an email. 

Links to online games you could play