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Lambing Season 2021

Lambing Season 2021

We have been lucky enough to be involved in a lovely opportunity! Throughout lambing season this year, we are going to be send video updates from a farm. These are a great chance to 'visit' a farm, see what life on the farm is like and hopefully meet some cute lambs! It is a great learning opportunity and I hope lots of you are able to find 10 minutes each week to watch. 


There will be an EYES/KS1 video for younger children and a KS2 video for older children each week, so you can choose they one to best suit your family (or watch both!). 


Miss Clarke

Lambing Updates Week 5 LAST ONE!

A look at sheep's feet, meet some calves and see the lambs go outside for the first time.

Lambing Updates Week 4

What do lambs eat? Why do lambs have ear tags? These are some of the questions answered in Week 4's Update. Video has images of newly born lambs

Lambing Updates Week 3

This week we see the birth of a lamb. The birth is sensitively cut for younger viewers to simply show lambs immediately after birth BUT you might like to watch them before showing them to your children.

Storytelling from the farm | LEAF Education | Curly Sheep's Bad Hair Day

A bonus update (more for EYFS and KS1 with a story followed by some extra learning about sheep. Join Sam as he meets the new lambs on the farm and tells the story of Curly Sheep who is having a really bad hair day! Then join Bobbie to discover why sheep...

Lambing Updates Week 2 EYFS & KS1

Today we answer some questions: How many lambs can a sheep have? What do sheep eat?

Lambing Updates Week 2 - KS2

Today we answer some questions: How many lambs can a sheep have? How long are they pregnant? What do sheep eat?

Lambing Updates Week 1 EYFS and KS1

Find out how we are preparing for the lambing season.

Lambing Updates Week 1 KS2

Find out how we're preparing for the lambing season.