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At Lingey House, History is taught through Creative Curriculum which allows the children to gain an in depth knowledge of each historical topic they cover. 

We have recently updated the History topics covered; information on these new modules can be found on the Curriculum Overview page:


In order to truly immerse the children in the topics they cover, the children receive lots of visits from "That History Bloke"(Richard). Richard provides workshops for children from Years 1-6 during which they get the chance to handle artefacts, create art, take part in ancient rituals and play games.


In addition to this, children also go outside of school on trips to places which are related to their current History topics. For example, Year 5 travel to Wakefield to visit a coal mine and Year 2 take a trip to Castle Keep in Newcastle. In school, children also take part in some themed days such as Year 4's Ancient Egyptian Bake Off and Greek Festival Day. 






In line with the National Curriculum, children study a wide range of local, British, European and world Geography in a fun and engaging way delivered through Creative Curriculum sessions. In order to provide an exciting and rich curriculum we use a variety of resources in class such as maps, atlases, aerial photographs and ICT. Topics are also brought to life through regular trips and out of school activities. Learning involves children examining a variety of physical and human conditions, and children develop a sound knowledge of places, people and a curiosity for the world around them.