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Bonjour tout le monde!  (Hello everyone!)


Bonjour!  Ça va?  Here are some things you can do to keep up-to-date with French:



Count to 20 (or 30, or more) in your head every time you brush your teeth

Count backwards from 20 (or 30, 40...) when you wash your hands (make sure it lasts twenty seconds!)

Ask your family how they are in French -  Ça va?  Don't forget, they can answer 'Ça va bien, merci!' ,  'Comme ci, comme ça'   or 'Ça va mal'

Go through your pencil case and see how many things you can name in French  

Say 'good night' in French ('bonne nuit' - sounds like 'bon nwee') (Don't ask Google assistant -she has a terrible accent!)

Look at the Eiffel Tower webcam and see if the weather is better here or there

Use Google street view to see some real French town and cities



Pretend you have a different pet every day and tell someone what it is! (e.g. 'J'ai un cochon d'inde')



Tell the time in French (e.g.  il est six heures)



Tell someone what you are wearing, including colour if you can.  


Au revoir!






Joyeuses Pâques!


Happy Easter to everyone, and here is a French task for you to do.  There is one for each year group.  I have also included the answers in a separate file. 





Bon retour - welcome back!  French challenge 2...


What are these in English?  We have covered everything included here, but don’t worry if you don’t remember any parts.  Just write ANYTHING you can understand, even if it is just one word or sentence.  The answers are in the attached file. 




Write this in English:


Bonjour!  Je m’appelle Claudette.  J’ai huit ans.  J’habite à Paris en France.  Je parle français.  Au revoir!



Bonjour!  Je m’appelle Michel.  J’ai neuf ans.  J’habite à Liverpool en Angleterre. Je parle anglais et français.  J’ai un chat.  Au revoir!



Salut! Je m’appelle Marie-Claude.  J’ai dix ans.  J’habite à Madrid en Espagne. Je parle anglais, français et espagnol.  Je mange mon petit-déjeuner à huit heures.  Au revoir!



Salut! Je m’appelle Guillaume.  J’ai quatorze ans et j’habite à Berlin en Allemagne.  J’habite un appartement en ville.  Je porte un pantalon noir, des baskets noires et un polo blanc.  Salut!







French Challenge 3!


Salut  tout le monde!  Hope you are all doing well. 


Here is your latest challenge - the answers are at the end of each document. 




French Challenge 4


Bonjour!  Ça va?  Moi, ça va bien!  Here is your latest French challenge.  I have also included the answers - no peeking before you finish!


Amusez-vous - enjoy!





French Challenge Numero Cinq


Salut!  Hope you are all well.  Here is your next French challenge.