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Fit for Life

Our Fit Families sessions are held on Wednesdays from  3:15pm - 4:15pm and take place in the Main hall.  We will be learning about the benefits of exercise, healthy eating and most of all - having fun getting fit!  Please remember to bring a water bottle to keep hydrated.






Spring Term


We have lots of new members this term.  We are pleased to welcome granddads and grandmas!


During our first session the older children taught the newcomers our Uptown Funk warm up routine.  We then played Stuck in the Mud, completed some shuttle relays and had a bean bag challenge.  Even though the adults cheated in the bean bag challenge, the children won!


Take a look at the photos below.





During our first session in our new school we had a hockey coaching session with Mrs. Wilkinson.  She showed us how to hold a hockey stick correctly and dribble a tennis ball through a row of cones.  After this we had a hockey match.  Mrs. Wilkinson formed a team with the children and the remaining adults formed another team.  Everyone had lots of fun ~ especially the adults!
Take a look at our photos.









Healthy Snacks​

We had a visit from a researcher from Gateshead Council who wanted to talk to the adults in our Fit Families group about the services offered by the Live Well Gateshead initiative.  While the adults were busy the children made healthy snacks for them to enjoy after their consultation.


The children made fruit kebabs, vegetable batons with aioli and cucumber with cottage cheese.  The adults were very impressed with the children's catering and wanted the recipe for the aioli.



Making the fruit kebabs


Making the aioli​


                   Fruit kebabs                           Cucumber with cottage cheese               Vegetable batons and aioli



Duck, Duck, Goose

We have welcomed more new members to our Fit Families club this month.  All of the children and adults are continuing to work hard! 


We now use a large exercise ball when playing Roller Ball, making it harder to avoid being hit! 


The children love to finish our session with a game of Duck, Duck, Goose.  The children like to see the adults working hard!  When they have to select someone to chase them in this game, they usually choose an adult.  Mrs. Banks had the most chases ever the first time we played.  Fortunately she is fit!


Take a look at our photos. 


Roller Ball



Duck, Duck, Goose





We have a few places at Fit Families for anyone who would like to join.  If you are interested please speak to Mrs. P. Gray.


Well done to Adelle.  She ran for Lingey House at a cross country event at Watergate Forest Park last week.  Adelle and the team all performed well. 


Everyone is continuing to work hard at Fit Club.  After our circuit training we always play games.  The children challenged the adults to a game of Commando this week.  The children will have to work even harder to beat the adults!  They are too fast!


Take a look at our photos below.










Fitness Fun For All Ages


We were pleased to welcome Mrs. Banks, Daisy's grandma, to our fitness session this week.  She thoroughly enjoyed it and has promised to join us again.


Mrs. Wilkinson led an energetic warm up which was followed by circuit training.  We then had fun playing Stuck in the Mud, using our agility skills to avoid being tagged.  After this we used the weighted hoops to practise hula hooping.


Our Fit Families Club is for all ages but we all have one thing in common ~ we have great fun getting fit!


Take a look at the photos below. 



Stuck in the Mud




Hula Hooping

September 2015

First Session of Fit Families


Thank you to everyone who attended our first session of Fit Families.  All of the children and adults joined in each activity and we had lots of fun! 


The older girls led a warm up routine for us and then we did circuit training.  Agility, balance and co-ordination were demonstrated well by everyone at the different stations.


After a short rest the children challenged the adults to a game of bean bag toss.  We then played roller ball.  Two children rolled a basket ball to try and strike the legs of the people jogging around the hall.  Those that were struck by the ball had to do five star jumps. 


For our cool down we balanced bean bags on our head while walking around the hall in different ways.


We hope to see everyone next week for some more fun!


Please take a look at the photos below.


Warm up



Circuit Training





Bean Bag Toss



Roller Ball



Cool Down


July 2015

Fun on the Large Apparatus


At our last session of Fit for Life the children demonstrated their agility, balance and co-ordination when they used the large apparatus.  They used agility tables and stools, low and high balance beams and tunnels.  They had lots of fun and were very inventive when using different ways to move across the balance beams.


Take a look at the photos below.
















June 2015

Sports Day Warm Up


The Fit for Life members have been asked to lead the warm up for the whole school when we go to Gateshead Stadium for our Sports Day.  We are learning a new routine to Uptown Funk.  Take a look at the photos below to see us practising it.







Fruit Kebabs


Some of the children helped to make a healthy snack of fruit kebabs this week.  They washed the fruit before chopping it into bitesized pieces.  They then threaded the fruit pieces onto wooden skewers ready for the rest of the children to enjoy at the end of the session.


Everyone agreed that they were very healthy and delicious!!!!  These are an easy healthy snack that the children can help to make at home.


Please take a look at the photos below.





May 2015

Circuit Training


Our Year 1's had their first circuit training session this week.  Their Y3/4 mentors demonstrated the exercises before we started and then worked with them throughout the session.  They all worked very hard and did two circuits of six different activities.


We finished the session with a game of Commando.  The mentors formed two teams and the Y1's another two.  The Y1's were just pipped at the post!  A very good effort for their first time. 


Please look at our photos below.


Circuit Training













Our New Recruits


We were pleased to welcome our new Year 1 members this week.  Our Year 3 and 4 pupils are mentoring the Year 1's in Fit Club this term.  The younger members will be paired up with the older ones who will look after them and train with them each session.  The older children will also be more involved in organising the exercises and games and will be taking turns to lead the warm up each week.


After our warm up the children enjoyed a game of Shark and some Crazy Dancing.  There were quite a few crazy air guitars being played!  We all had lots of fun.


Take a look at the photos below.

Warm up










Crazy Dancing





March 2015

Family Fun


The children invited family members to join us for the last session of Fit For Life Club this term.  We had a fantastic turnout and adults joined in the whole session.


We did our usual warm up followed by circuit training and then the children challenged the adults to a game of Islands followed by Commando. 


Everyone had a great time and appreciated the tasty fruit kebabs supplied by Mrs. Dellow at the end of the session.


Many thanks to all of the adults who joined us.  We were very pleased with the turnout and level of participation.  We hope to see you all at our next family session!


Please take a look at our photos.

The warm up





Circuit Training




















Stuck In The Mud


This week, after circuit training, we had a very energetic game of Stuck in the Mud.  Two children had to chase the others and tag them.  If tagged, the children had to stand, stuck in the mud, with their feet wide apart and wait for someone to crawl through their legs to release them.  The children demonstrated their agility, balance and co-ordination skills when playing this game.  Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Dellow and Miss Rickaby joined in and everyone had lots of fun.


For the last fifteen minutes we used the hula hoops.  The children all demonstrated how much progress they have made.  They showed the different moves they have been practising while hooping ~ walking around, jumping, dancing and kneeling.  They will all be experts soon! 


Take a look at the photos of us playing Stuck in the Mud.









The children enjoyed playing Commando after their circuit training this week.  Two teams competed against each other to be the first to travel from one side of the hall to the other.  They had to do this by taking turns to crawl, commando style, through their team mates' legs.  Take a look at the photos below to see how it was done.


After Commando the children wanted to exercise with the hoops and scooters again.  I'm sure that they must have been practising hooping because they were all very good. 


The children had a healthy treat at the end of the session ~ fromage frais lollies made by Mrs. Dellow.  They all loved them and it was a great way to cool down after all of their hard work.







Cooling down with fromage frais lollies

Fit For Life Fun


The children rose to the challenge set last week and completed three circuits of six different exercise stations.  They all did very well and their technique is improving weekly!


After circuit training the children had fun with the sit on scooters and the weighted hula hoops.


Take a look at the photos below.



 Hula hooping




Using the scooters






Circuit Training


This week we had our first session of circuit training.  We had six stations with a different activity at each one.  We did alternate high knee jumps, side twists, line speed jumps, throwing and catching, shuttle runs and lateral raises.  The children worked very hard and completed two circuits.  Next week we will be aiming for three circuits.


The children also played Island Hopping.  They had to work together in two teams to get from one side of the hall to the other, without standing on the floor, using two P.E. crash mats.  They also had to carry various items!  Both teams used good techniques to move the mats and were successful in completing the challenge.


Take a look at the photos below of our circuit training.







Our First Session


This week we have been learning about the benefits of regular exercise to our health and on our bodies.  The children have exercise record charts to fill in for next week's session.

The children enjoyed an energetic warm up routine before having lots of fun playing shark.  They all showed great enthusiasm and worked very hard during the session.

Next week we will be doing circuit training before playing more games.

Please take a look at our photos below.


Warm up routine







Fun playing shark!