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Family Activities

Here are a few ideas to keep your whole family busy and entertained


Beam a tiger (or shark, panda or pug) into your home

Thanks to Google's augmented-reality search feature, you can beam a virtual tiger, shark or pug into your home. Just download Google Chrome to your phone, then search for an animal. Click the 'view in 3D button', then 'view in your space' and you should see the creature prowling your room on your device's screen.

It doesn't work for every single animal, but some other fun ones include penguin, hedgehog and lion. A special thing you could do, if your kids have read the book, is have sandwiches and buns with 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. Or you could invite an alligator or shark along to bath time (just don't drop your phone).

To access this feature, your device will need to be AR (augmented reality) enabled, so this might not work on some older phones. The easiest way to find out is to try it.


Make easy homemade playdough

What toddler doesn't love squishing and rolling colourful playdough? We made our own last week using this recipe I found online, and I was surprised by how easy it was (I left out the glycerine and cream of tartar, as we just didn't have them in the house, but it still worked). My daughters loved helping out with the mixing and kneading.


Enjoy 100s of free Audible kids' audiobooks, incl Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland

Amazon's audiobook-seller Audible has released a collection of audiobooks for free, which it says will be available "for as long as schools are closed". Books include Alice's Adventures in WonderlandThe Secret GardenWinnie the Pooh and Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter.

This is an amazing freebie and we've listened to hours so far – the current obsession in our house is Laurie Berkner's Song and Story Kitchen.

For even more material, most libraries allow access to a vast catalogue of adults' and kids' e-books and digital audiobooks for free. As an example, our local library in Essex uses a brilliant app called Borrow Box. You can borrow up to seven audiobooks and seven e-books at a time from a selection of hundreds.

All libraries are different, but every one we checked had some kind of digital service, so it's widespread. Check your library's website to see what's on offer.


Glamp in the front room

Little kids will love the adventure of camping out in the living room. Set up a makeshift camp with a torch, rugs, cushions and stuffed animals. You could glam it up with whatever you have to hand, be it bunting, wooden crates or fairy lights. If you have some, complete the experience by roasting marshmallows or s'mores.


Write to a celeb – you may well get a letter back

What could be more exciting than receiving a letter from someone famous? It only costs the price of a stamp to send off the letter, it gets kids practising their writing skills, and they're more likely to get a reply than you might think. From authors to footballers, if your child has a hero, why not write them some fan mail? People often post the replies they've received from celebrities on Twitter, so it's worth searching there for inspiration. We've heard of David Walliams, David Attenborough and Jessica Ennis-Hill replying to kids.


Make your own stop-motion movie with a free app

"Action, cut, do it again but more awesome!" Kids can stage their own 'stop motion' movie with their Lego, Playmobil, Sylvanian Families figures or whatever toys they have to hand – just by downloading a free app. The idea is you give life to inanimate toys by shooting a few frames at a time, while moving objects in between shots. 

To create your own short film, get the free Stop Motion Studio app on Google Play or Apple's App Store and follow the instructions.