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English and Phonics Resources

Please choose the appropriate phase for your child below to find today's video for phonics. These phases are the same as the reading books they will have brought home. If you are not sure which phase to choose you can try one and if your child is very confident, move onto the next phase and so on. Please feel free to email us for advice at if you are not sure. 
A great website for phonics games is phonicsplay. If you use the username: jan21 password: home they are all free. 
Friday 29th January

Thursday 28th January

Your task today is to try and think of an alternative story ending for the Billy Goats Gruff. We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Wednesday 27th January

Today your task is to write the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. You can choose if you would like to have a go at writing it all or writing a sentence next to each picture. Don’t forget your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces and if you really want to impress see if you can use adjectives, an exclamation mark and/or a question mark.


Read your work to someone in your family when you are finished. We hope you are very proud of it!

Look at the slides below and optional sheets for more help. 


Then your phonics are in the star links above as usual.

Tuesday 26th January

Your English is below, and your phonics is in whichever star you are working on above smiley

Monday 25th January

Your English for today is below as usual. Don't forget to also choose one of the stars above for your phonics lesson. Most of you have a couple of options for your phonics today, depending on what you fancy smiley

Also, the PhonicsPlay website link is above. Remember, they are temporarily letting everyone use this site for free and there are some great game on there to help you learn. 

Thursday 21st January- Read the story and look for question marks.

Friday 15th January

Your English is below and choose your phonics from the correct phase for your child from the stars above. A big apology, it is completely my fault the video links have not been in the Phonics pages above this week, I promise they are back in there from today! Miss Clarke 

Thursday 14th January


Wednesday 13th January
Tuesday 12th January
Monday 11th January

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