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E-Safety is an integral part of children's education in today's digital world and it is embedded in their learning at school. Technology and the way in which our children engage with the internet is changing rapidly and we need to equip our young people for the changing demands that new technology brings. E-Safety is an important part of keeping children safe at Lingey House Primary School and we teach our children how to use the internet safely and responsibly.

National Online Safety’s FREE app is the easiest way to keep children safe online. It’s a one-stop-shop for parents and educators to learn everything they need to know about the latest apps, games and devices used by children. It provides instant access to online safety education, training and updates so that parents and educators can protect their children from online harm and abuse. 

An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world


This year in the UK, Safer Internet Day explores reliability online. The internet has an amazing range of information and opportunities online, but how do we separate fact from fiction?


Safer Internet Day will be celebrated globally with the slogan: Together for a better internet. 





Virtual Assemblies 


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Safer Internet Day 2018 #SID2018


Today is Safer Internet Day. Here at Lingey House we think it's essential for children to be safe online. We had a school assembly this morning and children were introduced to their 'Digital Leaders'. Children having been working hard after school training to be Digital Leaders.  Mrs Thompson and the Digital Leaders delivered the Safer Internet Day presentation and acted out a short play called Respect - The main objective of the play was to understand how being unkind on the internet can hurt people's feelings and to take responsibility for the things you do and say online.

NSPCC Parents Online Safety Workshop


Thank you to the parents who participated in the NSPCC Online Safety Workshop. The NSPCC is working in partnership with O2 to give guidance about online safety and how to set up parent control on devices regardless if you are an O2 customer.

The NSPCC ladies talked to parents about how to keep children safe when using digital technologies and showed us some fabulous resources to help us talk to children about their online experiences.


Take a look at the following website for more information about the popular apps and websites that children are using today.


NSPCC - Share Aware Campaign -

NSPCC - Safe Internet Explorers -




                   November 8th 2017

Safer Internet Day 2017


Today is Safer Internet Day. Here at Lingey House we think it's essential for children to be safe online. We looked at the Power of Image Assembly and we discussed what we like to do on the internet and how it is important not to share videos and pictures with people you don't know.


In Year 2 we read 'Smartie the Penguin' and helped him make good choices when he is online. We also watched a CEOP video called Animal Magic with SID the superhero.


In Year 4 and Year 5 we looked at a new resource called Like, Share Play. Children discussed Character profiles and stereotyping, we also discussed the feelings we might get when something we don't like happens online.


Throughout E-Safety week everyone will get an E-Safety Session in the classroom.

E-Safety Week 2017


This week in Computing children will be learning about how to stay safe online by being SMART.

If you would like to discuss E-Safety with your children then please check out these fantastic websites.


Websites for Parents - Lots of information for Parents/Carers


For Children - Children aged between 5 and 7 years old - Children aged between 8 and 10 years old - BBC


Internet Safety Day 2016

Internet Safety Day is coming on Tuesday 9th February 2016. Check out the links below for more information regarding the safety of your child on the internet.



Today is Safer Internet Day 2015. We have been raising awareness on how to keep our personal information and ourselves safe when using the internet. This morning in our assembly, we talked about how we use the internet to help us stay in touch with our friends, play games and be creative. We were also reminded of the dangers and the SuperSMART Crew helped us follow the SMART  Rules.


SuperSMART Assembly

Keeping your children safe on the internet matters.


For more information on keeping your child/children safe online please click on the link below.


Miss L Ritchie  14/05/2014