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Funding 2014-2015 first period.

*Costs in brackets are from 2013/2014 allocation (Total allocation - £5,717)


(Total allocation for 2014/2015 - £9,800)


  1. Physical Education provision within the allocated lessons (£2,000)


We have employed PE specialists and coaches to work alongside teachers, for example, regular tennis coaching accessed by Year 3/4, Year 4, Year 4/5 and Year 1. These occur every Thursday and are provided by a local coach.


We have also procured quality-assured professional training for staff to raise confidence and competence in teaching PE. This has been made possible by investment in the highest level of sports partnership funding, ensuring we are given first refusal to many of the key courses.


We also invested in Early Years and Foundation equipments such as balance boards, wobble boards and climbing ladders. This was an area identified as ‘lacking’ in new and up-to-date resources by CT and CC. We also pay ‘Mr Football’ to teach Reception B and S on Monday afternoons.



  1. Extra-curricular opportunities (£2,900)


We have paid external sports coaches to run competitions and invested heavily in after school sports clubs. This investment has been in staff time, ensuring resources are made available – through new PE kits (generic sports kit and netball bibs) and equipment (football, rugby balls, hockey nets).


‘Mr Football’ also provides an after school multi-skills club on a Monday evening – available free of charge to all children.


We have paid for transport to a wide range of sports competitions to ensure all children are given the opportunity to take part in any activity. We are therefore able to select any activity we think would be suited to Lingey House pupils.


  1. Lunch-time provision (£800)


An important focus was to ensure the children we all given access to the extensive range of PE equipment at Lingey House. One way to ensure this was to provide all of the equipment at lunch break.


CT, CC and MW identified new equipment that would stimulate all children and involve all children. A significant amount of money was invested in this new equipment and is set up in a clear and accessible way every lunch break.


(Total allocation for 2014/2015 - £9,800)


Going forward...

To maintain this level of investment and to ensure the equipment is used correctly we have forged close relationships with schools in our cluster and will take part in as many activities within school and outside of school as possible, whilst not exceeding our working capacity.