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We signed up to Premium SLA with Gateshead School Sports Partnership (GSSP) costing £2,250. This provides use with a block of coaching, entry to all festivals free of charge and specialist knowledge from GSSP staff.


Over the year, each year group in KS2 got a block of coaching of golf, tennis, hula-hooping. Year 4 got some rugby coaching and had a term of swimming. Year 2 & 3 were fortunate enough to take part in the Allstars cricket programme which equated to a term of coaching. Year 5 had two terms of swimming, where we have 46% able to swim 25 metres using a range of strokes. Key stage 1 coaching blocks included hula-hooping, gymnastics, multi-skills and tennis. In all of our sessions, teachers accompany the coach and they use this as CPD. Along with many of our staff running after-school clubs which meant that 112 pupils on average participate in an after school.


In order to increase the amount of high quality PE, we have employed coaches to coordinate lunchtime activities. On a Wednesday we have Hula Hooping with Lisa, and on Thursday we have tennis with Johnathon. The sessions will run 12-12:30 for KS1 and 12:30 - 1:10 KS2. In addition, we are in the process of training our sports crew, so that they run a variety of activities during a break time. This allowed a further 60 pupils to participate in high quality each week.


Impact of Funding


The funding has had a positive impact on sport within the school. It has allowed children from Year 2 through to Year 6 to receive specialist coaching in a range of different sports. This has given the children more confidence within sports and has contributed to higher levels of participation in after school clubs. This has also allowed staff to observe the coaching staff and therefore improve their practice when it comes to teaching these subjects in PE. The school have been able to carry on its aim of providing every year group, boy and girl, the opportunity to take part in an active after school club at least one night a week. The school has been providing a range of clubs including Multi-skills, Football, Netball, Hula Hoop, Dance, Athletics, Boot Camp and Golf. We currently 159 children taking part in the above mentioned clubs. We currently offer more after school clubs than ever before and more of our staff are running these clubs - a result of CPD allocation and working alongside coaches in PE lessons.