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Funding (2015 - 2016)

Allocation £9, 071


The initial funding will be £5,169 to run through to March 31st (prior to the second wave of funding which will be £3,902).


So far...


Coaching - £622. This is for Mr Football Multi-Skills.

Transport - £75.


We are expecting to pay at further £1000 for our SLA Agreement with an optional additional £2400 (split over three terms) to upgrade to Premium delivery.


Coaching for the year is expected to come to £7450. Mr Football will cost £1900, Hockey coaching will cost £570, Tennis coaching will cost £2640 and Golf club and coaching will cost £2340. These costs are approximations as term lengths are variable and some weeks will vary due to other in school events.


The remaining costs will cover transport and resources. We expect to use funding to purchase equipment for the new school including playground netball posts and a gym frame for the new hall. As costs become clear and new allocation is made available, details will be added.


Impact of Funding

The impact of funding allocation has been significant. Firstly, children are given access to a range of coaching, free of charge. As a result, there has been an increased number of children taking part in after school clubs which has also been due to the increased opportunity – a school aim was to provide every year group, boy and girl, the opportunity to take part in an active after school club at least one night a week. Now 101 children take part in an active club (nearly 40% of Year 2-6) in comparison to last year (60 children), with waiting lists for all clubs.

One noticeable impact this has had is now over 75% of our boys football team play for either a local team such as Felling Magpies or Newcastle Youth or Sunderland Youth and two children have just started playing Hockey with Gateshead Hockey Club since joining the after school Hockey Club (September 2015). Children are also using the golf club on a weekend and a running club has started every weekend, running from the school in which parents and pupils take part (organised externally).

Through careful allocation of swimming coaching, most children are able to swim 25m independently by the time they leave Year 4. Out of the 132 that have accessed swimming through school, 120 can swim 25m independently (90%) and of all the children in KS2 (212 pupils), 128 can swim 25m independently (60%) – above national recommendations.


We currently offer more after school clubs than ever before and more of our staff are running these clubs - a result of CPD allocation and working alongside coaches in PE lessons.


A full break down of coaching and clubs can be seen in the tables below:

Table 1: Coaching Plan - Lingey House (2015-2016)


  Y2P Y2B Y3 Y3/4 Y4 Y4/5 Y5 Y6T Y6W
Aut 1   Golf   Hockey   Swim Swim Tennis Tennis
Aut 2 Tennis Tennis Hockey   Golf Swim Swim    
Spr 1 Golf   Tennis Tennis Hockey Swim Swim    
Spr 2 Hockey   Golf     Tennis Tennis    
Sum 1   Hockey   Golf Tennis        
Sum 2                  

*Summer 2 allocated to classes with less coaching throughout year and Year 6 after SATs

** Next swimming classes allocated after review of classes


Table 2: Clubs - Lingey House (2015-2016)


*Please note: Clubs will vary throughout the term depending on weather conditions, light and hall space. This table is taken from Autumn 1, 2015-2016 and is a typical plan.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Multiskills (External Coach) Football - Mixed (Mr Taylor and Mr Clydesdale)

Fit Families (Mrs Gray, Mrs Dellow, Mrs Wilkinson)

Hockey (Mr Chipchase, Miss Collins)

Golf (Miss Pyburn)

Gym and Movement (Mr Taylor, Miss Bell)

Dance (External Coach)