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Welcome to Y2L



Welcome to Year 2L. My name is Mrs Locke and I will be working hard to teach you all this year. I will teach exciting and engaging lessons through a range of practical, challenging and fun activities. Our class is supported by Mrs Marsden who is dedicated to supporting and nurturing the children of Lingey House Primary. This is your last year in Key Stage 1 before moving on to Key Stage 2. Throughout the year you will be encouraged to become independent learners and outstanding citizens to prepare you for Key Stage 2 and the community.


I can't wait to have lots of fun throughout this year and develop your love of learning!


This half term we are learning about the topic of:

'Here and There!'

Writing Autumn Poems.


National Poetry Day was Thursday 4th October and the theme was changes. We used our senses to describe the change of the season to Autumn and used our ideas to make a class poem. Here it is:


Autumn smells of hot chocolate,

Autumn looks like blankets made out of colourful leaves,

Autumn tastes like hotdogs with mustard and ketchup at a Halloween disco,

Autumn feels like scratchy woolly jumpers that my nana knits,

Autumn smells like chimney smoke and bonfires blazing,

Autumn looks like my comfy bed and an snuggle on the sofa,

Autumn tastes like mince and dumplings,

Autumn feels like smooth conkers inside a spikey shell,

Autumn is my favourite!

Art with Peter


This morning we had a great time working with Peter. He had brought some art work into school to share with us. We had a great treasure hunt to make us look closely at the paintings and then we created our own portraits in the style or Picasso using coloured paper. We had a great morning and loved our finished products!

Tennis with Jonathan


Today we had our first PE lesson with our tennis coach Jonathan. He showed us how to warm our bodies up and to move safely around the room. We learned all about the 'ready position' and began working with a sponge tennis ball. We had so much fun learning all of the different catches that we could do. I wonder what we will learn next week! 

Maths Spinner Challenge


This morning in maths we worked with spinners to create two digit numbers. Next talked about how we could partition the number using the vocabulary 'part number' and 'whole number'. We really enjoyed this practical lesson!

Map of Australia


Today in our creative curriculum lesson we worked hard to create our own map of Australia. This half term we are going to be learning lots about Australia. We enjoyed learning some of the names for different sections of land and ocean.

Information Posters


Today we worked in groups to create information posters all about some different locations in Australia and the UK. We worked on a different landmark and then enjoyed sharing the facts with the rest of the class. Our posters are on display in our classroom-come and see if we can teach you something new!