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Welcome to Year 2B


I hope you have all had a lovely summer break and are now ready to get back to work in Year 2B. I have lots of lovely things planned for this half term for our topic of 'Here and There' so keep checking our page each week so we can share our learning with you and you can see what exciting things we have been up to!

Observating Habitats


In Science, we have been learning about living and non-living things as well as habitats. We went into our urban habitat to see what living, dead and non-living things we could see. We visited the pond in the park and found lots of living things as well as non-living things. Then we sorted them into categories. We were lucky to have a beautiful Autumn day for our observations.



Vegetable Printing


We had lots of fun getting messy with paint (sorry parents and careers) when making prints using vegetables. We loved using the celery stalk because when we printed it, it looked like a rose. We used a different vegetable called okra which made a pentagon shape. We thought it looked lovely!

Classify Classify Classify


In science we are learning about living things. This week we were learning about MRS GREN and what makes something living or not. In groups we looked at the pictures and decided what groups they belonged in. We had the headings - 'living' and 'never been alive'. When we had sorted the pictures, Miss Brown tried to trick us by giving us another heading - 'dead'. Then we had to discuss whether the object had ever been alive or not, which was more challenging. We worked so well as a group and it was fun sorting the objects.

Art Attack


For our first Art lesson we used a technique called collage. We had to rip small bits of crepe paper and stick them to the flag. We made sure we used the correct colours of the flag. Some of us made Brazil flags and some of us made UK flags. We noticed the UK flag was a mix of the England flag and the Scotland flag. Here we are making them. They look lovely on our topic display board.

It's a Mystery...


It was really exciting when a mystery package arrived for Year 2. We were about to do some English when Mrs Masson brought a strange delivery into our classroom. When we looked inside it there were lots of things from Brazil and things that come from the UK. We tried to sort them but we weren't sure on why they come from Brazil. We decided to write some questions about the things that had been delivered so we can find out who sent them and why. Here are some of the questions we thought of:

"What is the statue on the Brazil postcard?"

"What else can you see in London apart from Big Ben?"

"What language do you speak in Brazil and what is the weather like?"

"How is chocolate made in Brazil?"


We are going to learn more about Here and There so we can answer these questions at the end of the topic. Here are the photos of the mystery package.