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Sports Premium


Physical Education funding is ultimately driven by a need to ‘provide outstanding physical education for all’ (Ofsted, ‘Beyond 2012’)

At Lingey House we have a desire to make PE accessible to all children and in doing so, engage more children in physical activity throughout the whole school day. The main priority was to ensure the correct systems are in place to deliver a consistently high standard of Physical Education and channel the funding appropriately.

When considering where to use the funding, there were five main focuses:

  1. Engagement of ALL Pupils in Regular Physical Activity
  2. Profile of PE and Sport Being Raised Across the School as a Tool for Whole School Improvement
  3. Increased Confidence, Knowledge and Skills of all Staff in Teaching PE and Sport
  4. Broader Experience of a Range of Sports and Activities Offered to All Pupils
  5. Increased Participation in Competitive Sport


By ensuring appropriate funds are spent in these five areas, we are able to ensure that all children are given access to the new resources.

Funding (2018 - 2019)

Allocation £19,390




We signed up to Premium SLA with Gateshead School Sports Partnership (GSSP) costing £2,250. This provides use with a block of coaching, entry to all festivals free of charge and specialist knowledge from GSSP staff.


Over the year, each year group in KS2 got a block of coaching of golf, tennis, hula-hooping. Year 4 got some rugby coaching and had a term of swimming. Year 2 & 3 were fortunate enough to take part in the Allstars cricket programme which equated to a term of coaching. Year 5 had two terms of swimming, where we have 46% able to swim 25 metres using a range of strokes. Key stage 1 coaching blocks included hula-hooping, gymnastics, multi-skills and tennis. In all of our sessions, teachers accompany the coach and they use this as CPD. Along with many of our staff running after-school clubs which meant that 112 pupils on average participate in an after school.


In order to increase the amount of high quality PE, we have employed coaches to coordinate lunchtime activities. On a Wednesday we have Hula Hooping with Lisa, and on Thursday we have tennis with Johnathon. The sessions will run 12-12:30 for KS1 and 12:30 - 1:10 KS2. In addition, we are in the process of training our sports crew, so that they run a variety of activities during a break time. This allowed a further 60 pupils to participate in high quality each week.


Impact of Funding


The funding has had a positive impact on sport within the school. It has allowed children from Year 2 through to Year 6 to receive specialist coaching in a range of different sports. This has given the children more confidence within sports and has contributed to higher levels of participation in after school clubs. This has also allowed staff to observe the coaching staff and therefore improve their practice when it comes to teaching these subjects in PE. The school have been able to carry on its aim of providing every year group, boy and girl, the opportunity to take part in an active after school club at least one night a week. The school has been providing a range of clubs including Multi-skills, Football, Netball, Hula Hoop, Dance, Athletics, Boot Camp and Golf. We currently 159 children taking part in the above mentioned clubs. We currently offer more after school clubs than ever before and more of our staff are running these clubs - a result of CPD allocation and working alongside coaches in PE lessons.

Sport Premium & Impact 2016-17

Completion of last academic year PE Sports Premium

For the final period of funding (April 2015 - September 2015) Lingey House spent the remaining £3,902 on a range of facilities to support delivery of PE.


The membership for the Local Authority agreement (at a Premium level) - £1000. This provided two blocks of coaching (Fencing and Hockey), Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities including the PE Conference, attended by PE co-ordinator and 'Delivering Gymnastics' as part of whole staff training.


Additional coaching - £1423. This includes Golf coaching both in school and after school, two sessions of Tennis coaching, Hockey coaching and one-off coaching sessions focusing on inclusive sports (all prices are variable depending on term lengths). This coaching also covers CPD as staff work alongside coaches in lessons and use the sessions to develop their own skills. Coaches do not replace teachers but serve to upskill the teaching staff.


Equipment - £140. This includes new bibs to support the new Netball Club, balls and additional equipment to support the delivery of Early Years and KS1 PE lessons in line with the new curriculum. Lingey House also purchased three sets of golf clubs for the children to use at the Golf club and during outdoor golf coaching. These were purchased through Heworth Golf Club at a discounted price.


Stadium booking - £541. Gateshead International Stadium was booked for the Lingey House Sports Day due to the lack of field space on the school site.


Transport - £410. Transport has been used for the varying Sports Events including cluster events. The majority of this funding was for coaches to transport all of the children to the stadium for Sports Day.


Continuous Professional Development - £388. Staff have been given access to CPD through the remaining funds. This includes a 'PE Funding Conference' attended by the PE co-ordinator in London, 'Delivering KS1 PE' for our Year 1 teacher and in school staff training delivered as part of our staff meetings.


Funding (2015 - 2016)

Allocation £9, 071


The initial funding will be £5,169 to run through to March 31st (prior to the second wave of funding which will be £3,902).


So far...


Coaching - £622. This is for Mr Football Multi-Skills.

Transport - £75.


We are expecting to pay at further £1000 for our SLA Agreement with an optional additional £2400 (split over three terms) to upgrade to Premium delivery.


Coaching for the year is expected to come to £7450. Mr Football will cost £1900, Hockey coaching will cost £570, Tennis coaching will cost £2640 and Golf club and coaching will cost £2340. These costs are approximations as term lengths are variable and some weeks will vary due to other in school events.


The remaining costs will cover transport and resources. We expect to use funding to purchase equipment for the new school including playground netball posts and a gym frame for the new hall. As costs become clear and new allocation is made available, details will be added.


Impact of Funding

The impact of funding allocation has been significant. Firstly, children are given access to a range of coaching, free of charge. As a result, there has been an increased number of children taking part in after school clubs which has also been due to the increased opportunity – a school aim was to provide every year group, boy and girl, the opportunity to take part in an active after school club at least one night a week. Now 101 children take part in an active club (nearly 40% of Year 2-6) in comparison to last year (60 children), with waiting lists for all clubs.

One noticeable impact this has had is now over 75% of our boys football team play for either a local team such as Felling Magpies or Newcastle Youth or Sunderland Youth and two children have just started playing Hockey with Gateshead Hockey Club since joining the after school Hockey Club (September 2015). Children are also using the golf club on a weekend and a running club has started every weekend, running from the school in which parents and pupils take part (organised externally).

Through careful allocation of swimming coaching, most children are able to swim 25m independently by the time they leave Year 4. Out of the 132 that have accessed swimming through school, 120 can swim 25m independently (90%) and of all the children in KS2 (212 pupils), 128 can swim 25m independently (60%) – above national recommendations.


We currently offer more after school clubs than ever before and more of our staff are running these clubs - a result of CPD allocation and working alongside coaches in PE lessons.


A full break down of coaching and clubs can be seen in the tables below:

Table 1: Coaching Plan - Lingey House (2015-2016)


  Y2P Y2B Y3 Y3/4 Y4 Y4/5 Y5 Y6T Y6W
Aut 1   Golf   Hockey   Swim Swim Tennis Tennis
Aut 2 Tennis Tennis Hockey   Golf Swim Swim    
Spr 1 Golf   Tennis Tennis Hockey Swim Swim    
Spr 2 Hockey   Golf     Tennis Tennis    
Sum 1   Hockey   Golf Tennis        
Sum 2                  

*Summer 2 allocated to classes with less coaching throughout year and Year 6 after SATs

** Next swimming classes allocated after review of classes


Table 2: Clubs - Lingey House (2015-2016)


*Please note: Clubs will vary throughout the term depending on weather conditions, light and hall space. This table is taken from Autumn 1, 2015-2016 and is a typical plan.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Multiskills (External Coach) Football - Mixed (Mr Taylor and Mr Clydesdale)

Fit Families (Mrs Gray, Mrs Dellow, Mrs Wilkinson)

Hockey (Mr Chipchase, Miss Collins)

Golf (Miss Pyburn)

Gym and Movement (Mr Taylor, Miss Bell)

Dance (External Coach)



Funding 2014-2015 first period.

*Costs in brackets are from 2013/2014 allocation (Total allocation - £5,717)


(Total allocation for 2014/2015 - £9,800)


  1. Physical Education provision within the allocated lessons (£2,000)


We have employed PE specialists and coaches to work alongside teachers, for example, regular tennis coaching accessed by Year 3/4, Year 4, Year 4/5 and Year 1. These occur every Thursday and are provided by a local coach.


We have also procured quality-assured professional training for staff to raise confidence and competence in teaching PE. This has been made possible by investment in the highest level of sports partnership funding, ensuring we are given first refusal to many of the key courses.


We also invested in Early Years and Foundation equipments such as balance boards, wobble boards and climbing ladders. This was an area identified as ‘lacking’ in new and up-to-date resources by CT and CC. We also pay ‘Mr Football’ to teach Reception B and S on Monday afternoons.



  1. Extra-curricular opportunities (£2,900)


We have paid external sports coaches to run competitions and invested heavily in after school sports clubs. This investment has been in staff time, ensuring resources are made available – through new PE kits (generic sports kit and netball bibs) and equipment (football, rugby balls, hockey nets).


‘Mr Football’ also provides an after school multi-skills club on a Monday evening – available free of charge to all children.


We have paid for transport to a wide range of sports competitions to ensure all children are given the opportunity to take part in any activity. We are therefore able to select any activity we think would be suited to Lingey House pupils.


  1. Lunch-time provision (£800)


An important focus was to ensure the children we all given access to the extensive range of PE equipment at Lingey House. One way to ensure this was to provide all of the equipment at lunch break.


CT, CC and MW identified new equipment that would stimulate all children and involve all children. A significant amount of money was invested in this new equipment and is set up in a clear and accessible way every lunch break.


(Total allocation for 2014/2015 - £9,800)


Going forward...

To maintain this level of investment and to ensure the equipment is used correctly we have forged close relationships with schools in our cluster and will take part in as many activities within school and outside of school as possible, whilst not exceeding our working capacity.